Calum's Daughter

What happens when Calum Daughter meets Michaels Son. Does it all go good or bad?


9. {10} The Kiss

I walk into the ocean and I feel the icy cold water around me. I hear somebody run up behind and then they push me in the water.


“Jackass!” I say while laying in the water.


James holds out his hand to help me up, but I pull him in.


“I knew you were going to do that.” He say while laughing.


I start to swim out farther and James follows. He grabs my legs and pulls me under the ocean.


I pop my head up and James is there smiling.

“I could have drown James, what if a squid grabbed my leg and ate me”


“A squid, really?”


“Yea a squid like weird fucked up one”


James just laughs


*After Swimming*


James doesn’t drive home, but he drives to the top of a cliff. He gets out of the car and comes to my door. He opens it and takes my hand. I step out of the car.


Me and James walk to the edge of the cliff.


“It’s beautiful” I say while holding James hand harder.


He looks at me. “And so are you.”


“Shut up” I say while turning my head from him


He puts his hand on my cheek and turns my head. He leans and our lips touch. I kiss him back. We pull apart.


“James.” I stuttered.


“We should go.” James says while standing up and helping me up. I take his hand. We get in the car and drive home. The rest of the ride is silent.


When we get home I run up to room. When I get there I sit down on my bed. I hear a knock on my door and I yell “come in.”


Calum comes in and sits down next to me.


“Hey” He says




“I have something to give you.” He say while pulling out a box.


He hands it to me and I open it. It’s the safety pin necklace. I look up at Calum.




“You left it at the restaurant.”


“Thank you.” I say while hugging him.


Calum leaves my room and I get ready for bed.


*The rest of the week i had Calum take me to school and bring me home, I tried to avoid James as much as I could I don’t know why. Now It’s saturday and I’m stuck at home*


I sit out on the patio kicking my feet in the water. I hear the doors open and I look up. It’s James.


“Look Dylan, Can we talk?” He says while sitting next to me.


“I’m sorry James, I didn’t know how to react”


“I don’t know why I did it?” He says while looking me in the eyes.


It’s quiet for while then James speaks again.


“Look Dylan, I like you, like a lot.”


I smile a really big smile and I can feel me blush.


“I like you too” I say


We both lean in at the same time and kiss each other.


I don’t even hear the door open but the next thing I know Calum is yelling at us.




We stop and I look up at him.


“DAD!!!” I yell back at him.


“You two kitchen now.” He says while storming in the house


“Fuck it, we are screwed” James says


Me and James stand and we hesitant to go in the house but we still do. We walk inside and we see Michael and Calum standing there and they look pissed.

“Sit, We need to talk.” Michael says.

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