My Pokemon Adventure

Hi! I am about to take you on the Pokemon journey of a lifetime! I will be going through the Ginan region! I hope you will come to like this adventure that not only I , but also YOU will be taking, as you read. So Come on! Lets go and CATCH EM ALL!!!

-Girl Of Fyre :3


5. My Pokemon Adventure Chapter 5: Time Travel

The Luxray cocked it's head, looking at me with curiosity. I took a deep breath, and reached out carefully. Luxray growled when I touched its head, but I didn't pull my hand away. I rubbed its soft fur, and the Luxray's growling turned into a delightful purring. It nudged my hand. I smiled and stroked it's chin. I was about to pet its muzzle when it frowned and snarled. I pulled my hand away quickly. Piplup jolted slightly on my shoulder before hiding under my hair.

"Luxray, what's wrong?", I asked my new Pokemon.

It just backed away a little, then went off to lay down next to a bush. I looked at Jett with a confused face, hoping he would tell me what was wrong. 

He looked thoughtful for a moment. "I think that its just not used to you yet, so excessive petting is not what it wants right now."

I just sighed and nodded in disappointment. I looked down at the Master Ball in my hand. 

Wait a minute...

"How did you get a MASTER BALL?!?!?!" I exclaimed, whirling to face Jett.

Luxray grimaced at my loud voice, and Piplup jerked again under my hair.

Jett smiled at my reaction and took in a deep breath, "Well, let's just say it was a gift from my father. He was a trainer back when he was young, and he had gotten the Master Ball from a scientist as a gift for saving a town from a huge battle between two dragon type Pokemon, Hydreigon and Haxorus. He was going to use the ball to capture his dream Pokemon, the mythical legendary Pokemon Mew that supposedly lives on the other side of the world..." Jett trailed off, his face lowering in disappointment.

"What happened?" I asked, urging him on.

"He never got to. So he gave the Master Ball to me, to use on whatever I wanted to. I have been journeying for a year now. I was going to use the ball to capture Mew to fulfill my dad's dream, but since Luxray might have killed us... I had to use it... and now, I can't fulfill my dad's dream." Jett looked at the ground, sad.

I smiled and took his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze, "Hey, Jett, it's okay. I will make sure we catch that Mew. I will catch it if it comes to it."

Jett looked up at me, a surprised look on his face, but then he smiled, "You're right, Topaz. I bet we will encounter Mew. One day." he squeezed my hand back and just for a few moments, we remained smiling at each other.

"We'll catch Mew together, that's a promise." I gave him a close eyed smile in reassurance.

Suddenly Jett gave me a quick hug, "Thanks, Topaz." he held my by the shoulders then turned to look at the barn, "Anyway, that's enough of that. Let's go check the barn out. Maybe we can solve this 'mystery' they are talking about." 

I nodded enthusiastically, before we all started walking forwards in the direction of the barn. Luxray followed behind us. It didn't look too keen on following us but since I'm now it's trainer, it has to follow me.


As we neared the barn, I could hear a noise, like glass falling. The rhythm of the noise was like that of a laugh.

Jett gently pulled me behind him, as he opened the door and quietly stepped inside. I followed, with Luxray at my heels. Piplup peeks out from under my hair. We stopped just inside, trying to adjust our eyes to the dark and pinpoint where the sound was coming from. Then, the laughing stopped, and there was a rustle. I began to shudder as fear began to take over. I cautiously pulled out Luxray's ball and pushed the button, and Luxray returned to the Pokeball. Didn't want him getting hurt. And I hoped Piplup was unnoticeable, 'cause it hated being in its Pokeball.

Suddenly there was a bright light, and the laugh was suddenly louder. Something grabbed my arm, and I started to feel myself disappear.

"TOPAZ!!" Jett called out me and reached out to grab my arm. 

But that didn't stop me from disappearing. In fact, he started to disappear too. Piplup was disappearing along with us.

Then, it felt like we were being thrown though the air.


And then....


We were suddenly in a forest. It was morning. Looking around I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Where are we?" I asked Jett.

He rubbed his head after that horrible experience before he two surveyed the area, "I have no idea. And why is it morning? It's as if we went back in time. Or we are in a different timezone."

Suddenly, the laughing sounded again, this time right next to us. A little green grass Pokemon was there, little wings fluttering as it rolled on it's back in the air, clutching it's stomach as it continued to giggle.

Immediately I scrambled to my feet and let out a gasp as I examined the Pokemon closer.

"Jett! Its a Celebi!" I exclaimed excitedly. 

Jett didn't look happy. He clambered to his feet and glared at the little Pokemon. "Why, you- you little-" 

The Celebi just ignored him and hovered over to me, tugging my arm before starting to fly off. It stopped and looked back, obviously wanting me to follow it. 

"Jett... I think Celebi has something to show us", I say.

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