The Valkyrie Chronicles: SHIELD

After settling the conflict in the Alpha Centauri System, Michael Valkyrie is called upon to lead the rebuilding of SHIELD unaware that even as he tears the old one down he will create more enemies. Most of them former agents.


3. 3

Michael is snapping his fingers and dancing to himself as the song “Dancing Queen” by ABBA played and there was a loud beep noise and he spun and pressed a button on his desk and said, “YO!” (as he continued to dance), Law said on the speaker, “What the hell is that?”, Michael replied, “ABBA.  Is there a reason why you called or is this an attempt to listen in on my Groove music?”, Law said, “I’m sure as hell not listening in on that!  I want to tell you the World Security Council is waiting.”, Michael replied, “I’ll be there.”, and he spun again and pressed the button.  He entered the conference room where the Security Council was already waiting and he said, “Sorry for the hold up.”, Number 1 said, “We’ll discuss that later.  What did the three prisoners say about the attacks?”, Michael said, “R & D studied the one drone that was impaled and it was the work of Justin Hammer, but unfortunately he is not the only one who we should be worried.”, number 2 said, “Then who?”, Michael looked down and up from a see-through clipboard and replied, “How about the former agents that we fired during this reorganization.  For example, Mentallo use to work on telepathy and tried to make a device that agents in the field can use.  There is also these Harrier agents led by the one we called Hardcase that are trained to fight opponents that are similar to superhuman strength like Captain America.  There is also Brent Jackson, Warhawk (who by the way is trained by Hawkeye himself), David Ferrari who we called Answer in the field has the ability to develop any power needed in a certain situation and when he tried to rejoin SHIELD he was classified as KIA but instead of taking him back in we kicked him back out.  There is also this Gargantua, who was called Edward Cobert when he was one of us, and he was an agent and scientist that led Project Lazarus.  Unfortunately there was an accident in the lab and instead of treating him or pay for his medical bills we cut him off completely.  Then there’s Stanley Carter, code named Sin-Eater, who worked as an agent in research and development and was fired due to his violent behavior.  Don Thomas, code named Blue Streak, was trying to turn out to be another Iron Man but Captain America forced him out due to his erratic behavior and obsession that is a result of SHIELD deciding not to help him pursue his research.  Lastly I have this agent who was only called Vamp but her codename is Animus due to her obsession with animals and she was fired because of her odd behavior.  Ladies and gentlemen...”, he held his arms out and said with some shock, “these are all former agents that we got rid of and it seems apparently that they are now on a mission for some payback if not the destruction of this organization that just used them like used parts!”, number 3 said, “They must be taken alive to face their crimes and have information that will lead to others of their cause.”, Michael said, “If that is possible yes I would authorize that but you know as well as I that they do not intend to do just that.  As I already told you some of them are not completely sane and most likely they are on a suicide run!”, number one said, “Then in this case you do what you must to stop them, but bear in mind we still want them taken to be held for their crimes.”, Michael said, “Like I said I will do my best but I have no guarantees.”, and their holograms turned off.  The display behind him turned on and showed Law and she said, “Sir HCV-90 is ready for takeoff.”, Michael replied, “Good, inform Colonel Fury of my arrival.”, and he left the conference room with the Quinjet just waiting outside on the pad and the aircraft took off and flew just outside the city where the Helicarrier was flying and waiting.


    Petra is alone on the elevator flexing her black gloves that had the knuckles lighted blue and she said, “Lisbeth are you sure these will work?”, Lisbeth said through her ear piece, “R & D says it will so it should.”, Petra stared up in annoyance and said, “You are a real confidence builder.”, Lisbeth said, “Well if it doesn’t electro shock them then all you have to do is punch harder.”, the elevator opened again and four men in SWAT gear entered before the doors closed.  Petra smiled and said, “I guess we are here for the same person.”, just as they were turning to point their guns Petra grabbed the shoulders of the first two, jumped and kicked the other two in the face.  The other two grabbed her on each arm but she grabbed hold of their’s and dislocated the shoulders of the arms she was hanging on before she slipped down, pulled both of their knifes and stabbed both of them in the stomach.  The elevator opened and she whipped her arms and shoulders before walking out leaving the soldiers moaning and groaning with one of them saying, “That’s not cool.”, before the doors closed.  She walked down the hallway till she stopped herself and hid behind the corner as she looked to her left to see two men and a woman at the door of the hotel room at the tip of the T intersection with one of the SWAT geared men with a battering ram.  Petra pulled out a blade on her utility belt and threw it directly at the guy with the battering ram in the back of the head.  She then ran at the others covering her face with her left forearm as they shot at her with silencer machine guns, only that the bullets bounced off her black body suit as she charged at the other male and rammed him to the wall before she flipped him over while snapping his arm at the same time.  She then kicked him on the neck as he started to scream and was immediately silenced before she turned to see the woman pointing the gun at her face.  Petra immediately grabbed the barrel and shifted it just away from her face when the woman fired, ripped the gun from her hands and kicked her in the midsection sending her flying back before Petra threw the gun and it struck the woman in the face knocking her out.  She heard the sound of breaking glass and a struggle and Petra looked up in alarm and kicked the door in with one kick.  She then saw another soldier wearing the same gear right in front of her and just as he was about to train his submachine gun on her she jumped at him and knocked him down in the midsection with both her fists and was on top of him as he looked up and in one punch in the face she knocked him out as well.  She was about to enter the living room till right around the corner she saw another one with his submachine gun out and she immediately ducked back as he fired.  The soldier then said, “Agent Vamp when we need to get out of here now!”, Vamp said, “She’s hiding behind the bedroom door, this won’t take long!”, and the soldier stopped firing.  Petra immediately pulled the shotgun from the down soldier and immediately fired three rounds around the corner, where one blew apart a couch sending stuffing into the air and obscuring the soldier’s vision.  She immediately turned out and threw the shotgun like a javelin and hit Vamp squarely in the back of her head knocking her to the ground before Petra charged at the soldier, kicked the gun from his hands, flipped and kicked him in the face knocking him unconscious on the floor.  She turned on Vamp only to see the butt of the shotgun striking her across the face and kicked in the chest as she flew back and slammed into the far wall crushing a painting before she fell forward and crashed through a glass table.  Petra tried to get up as she wiped the blood from her mouth but saw Vamp standing right before her over the couch with the shotgun pointed at her face.  Vamp said, “Because of you and SHIELD, I am no longer an agent known as Vamp.  Only Animu..”, she was thrown forward on the couch as she was kicked in the back.  She immediately turned around with the shotgun only to have it kicked out of her hands and it flew from her grasp into the kitchen before she was kicked in the chest and began breathing heavily as she kept herself from crumpling onto the floor.  She looked up to see an older teenage dark blonde girl standing over her and Animus said in each breath, “”, the teenager said, “Ask my dad during the holidays.”, and she immediately kicked Animus in the stomach and judo punched her in the face knocking her out.  Petra stood up and said, “Who are you?”, the teenager said, “Just call me Emma, and who are you?”, Petra said, “Agent Arkanian, temporarily.  I am sent here by SHIELD to get you to safety.”, Emma said, “That’s what they said also when they broke in.”, Petra said, “They were former agents with a grudge.”, there was a low beep sound and Petra pulled her communicator and said, “Yes?”, Chloe said, “Is the contact with you?”, Petra said, “Yes.”, Chloe said, “Prepare for beam out.  We detect more of them closing in on your position.”, Petra said, “We have Animus and one other prisoner for transport.”, she looked at Emma who looked cautious and said, “Don’t worry Ms. Emma, you won’t feel a thing.”, Chloe said, “We got them, prepare to energize.”, Petra stood next to Emma and said, “Engage!”, and all four of them dematerialized.

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