Lucifers decision

Lucifer, the story of the fallen angel. Lucifer is an angel with a high amount of grandeur, but when he makes a grave mistake what will it take to get back in god good graces?

WARNING: If you do not want to hear about Lucifer, or the pinions on god that are NOT my own don't read this story


3. A day or so wondering

Before I was an angel I had one friend. Yes that sounds a little odd. Me, haughty old me, not being popular. Amongst the gifts of glory and respect granted to working angels there is also a personalized thought. The one thing you wanted back on earth that you never had. For me it was beauty. When I was still mortal I was your typical modern outcast(nerd). Good with computers,video games, and mathematics so when I reached the golden room and they asked me what I wanted It came busting out of my mouth. Beauty. So now here I sit in my downfall dandruff free hair and all wondering what they'll do with me. I fall into a sleep plagued by nightmares after what I guess to be hours of pondering what they'll do with me.                    AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry I didn't update sooner guys the school wifi crashed. I promise to put forth at least one chapter per day though most of my chapters will be short. 74 VIEWS IN ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On my first chapter that is , but still DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goal for this story is that by chapter 5 i'll have 93 views,13 comments,and at least3 fans. So Please come join my writing fam. Also i'd totally dig some co-authors so contact me if your interested.

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