Lucifers decision

Lucifer, the story of the fallen angel. Lucifer is an angel with a high amount of grandeur, but when he makes a grave mistake what will it take to get back in god good graces?

WARNING: If you do not want to hear about Lucifer, or the pinions on god that are NOT my own don't read this story


1. The day it all went wrong


 I was walking through the streets of London, looking exceptionally mundane if I do say so myself. When suddenly I saw him. You see, I was on a mission from those above themselves. Once you reach heaven you can't leave so therefore we have the angels (like myself) to go out and do the dirty work. We track down murderers,old enemies,and just about anyone that those who passed the 5 tests hold grudges against. Today i'm looking for a man named Patrick Smith. Shaggy hair,dead looking eyes,and perfectly tan skin. Apparently he's been hiding from his demons for far too long. Broke somebody's heart I suppose,and there he is but there's something off about him. He seems to have a certain glow. I wonder what it is. Before i realize it i'm only about 2 feet away from him when suddenly i'm jostled forward. I look up and see the eyes of Patrick Smith looking up at me. I turn around and see those exact same eyes giving me a stare that reads and i quote "prepare to meet your doom." Well here's a situation I haven't been in before. I think to myself. Then suddenly everything goes black...           ​Authors note: Well i really hope you sues like this first chapter become a fan and/or like!!!!!!!! Sorry for the cliff hanger but I gotta hook you guys!!!!!! This is my very first novella and i promise there will be another chapter soon.(Maybe even tonight)





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