Forever Tomorrow

A poem about distance.


1. Forever Tomorrow


I sit watching the calendar,

eagerly awaiting some sort of action,

I sit anticipating a grand spectacle of amusement,

but alas, it’s but a calendar.


Rain slides down my window,

blurring the lush green countryside and the gloomy grey skies above,

I watch the droplets now, as they tango with gravity

the damp land below.


I find myself doing many things at once,


examining my hands,

are everyone’s hands this wrinkly


I hear time moan and stretch its arms,

announcing it’s finally midnight,

I pounce out of bed and collect my electronic lifeline

and await the digital arrival of my half.


She’s so far away,

yet her warmth stays close,

I am reminded of the days beyond tomorrow,

of her laugh.


We never constructed a treehouse,

we never had go-cart races down our street,

nor did we make a prank call,

as maybe those were activities before our time.


We constructed trust,

we built it upon snowball fights on our walks home,

conversations sympathizing life’s hardships,

and those rare, glowing hugs.


I may have finally have arrived where I want to be,

but what fun can this be without you?

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