The Book of Balladry

Hunches and Bunches Throw punches for dunces And settle with adventure galore Take prattle for rattle Hey, don't start that battle! The characters aren't lively But much more "Hey, I like the notion Of causing commotion Yes! she drank my potion Of upheaval." "Shame on your minds I'll send shivers down your Spines!" Surely, that's a sign Of daunting evil The rhymes within this book Can be found within a nook Of a crook who claims he cannot see Sure, I'll trip the extra mile It's my job to make you smile For I am just a Book Of Balladry


1. The Riddle

There once was a mousey moose

Who was fickle and little

He lost his own tooth

Just as he lost his own riddle


Though the riddle refused to rhyme

It settled into tune with the call of a swine

Perhaps it was the riddle that lost itself

It's original owner couldn't remember it very well

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