What Writing is to Me

Poetry entry~ #2


1. What Writing is to Me

What exactly is writing to me?

Writing to me is the thrill,

Of watching my fingers be free,

Dancing across the keyboard with skill.


Writing to me is a childlike joy,

The kind of joy I got when I rode,

A bike for the first time, as a boy,

You see, writing is an art, a code!


You cannot fathom what writing means,

For to me it is the best feeling I could feel,

And I’m more than certain, it’s in my genes,

It takes me to worlds that are so surreal.


Don’t tell me it’s a silly hobby,

A dream one can’t pursue,

Because you’re too snobby,

Without writing, I am blue.


Writing to me is a drug,

A life source I can’t unplug.

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