Deeper Water

This poem is going to be published March 1st in honor of poetry month in a collection called Deeper Water. :)


1. Too

December 9, 2015

I'm screaming at myself,

leave it alone

before you lose your sanity,

if you haven't already!

Stop nursing this crush!

It is suckling off you!

With every thought

it is feeding!


He is a man,

having just

outgrown the boy,

but the infant

is long, long gone.

Your milk will not

sustain him.


You are giving it too much food.

It is not healthy,

not just a little chub,

not cute;

it is fat, fat,

overweight, a thick

baby with too much for its own good,

too young to care for itself.


He lays it on thick,

sweet, like candy,

like frosting

on the top of a cake

and I wish

every day

were my birthday.


You are letting it grow-

no, you are making it!

With a spoon to its mouth

and a bowl always full

with food

it doesn't even want!-

so large it will smother you,

overwhelm you, take

all your space.


He is the gust, the wind,

that blows out my candles,

one by one

and oh so slowly.

He becomes a shadow

and I am left in the dark.


Snacking, munching,

too much,

too soon.

You leave

no time for digestion

and wonder why

it gets upset.


Why won't he starve me,

let me empty my mind?

Why do my taste buds

crave him so badly?


Look at this face already.

You spoil it too much now,

give it a complex,

make it always want more, more, more,

so you can never fill it.

He will never love you.

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