She was just a girl, looking for an adventure. He was a bad boy, full of life changing events about to happen. When she found him, her world started falling down. She loved it though, she just couldn't explain why. Would her feelings go crashing down? Would his problems be in between how they felt? Did he actually have feeling for her? Was she with him for just an adventure?


7. Chapter 7)

As days passed, Debbie missed her dad more and more. Alexis wasn't talking to her even though it wasn't Debbie's fault Geo was still into her. She sat still, remembering Julian, how her walked away without saying why. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Debbie stood up from her bed and slowly walked towards the door even though she was only wearing a robe. She decides to open the door knowing Alexis would be there to talk to her about Geo. Debbie didn't know Geo was still into her, or what Julian had done to his last soulmate.

''Debbie, hey.''

''Geo? What are you doing here?'' Debbie asked.

''I want to talk to you about Julian,'' he said waiting to be let in.

''What happened to you?'' Debbie asked

''Couldn't sleep,'' he answered

They both walked towards the living room and sat down on the black leather couch. They were both silent, as if there was nothing to be said between them. Debbie missed him, she had to admit, more than anything in the world. She didn't want to ruin things between him and her best friend, they were so happy together, or so she thought.

''About Julian, I don't think you should talk to him,'' Geo said.

''Why not? He's my soulmate, and you don't get to decide who I do and don't talk to!'' Debbie exclaimed standing up.

''He's bad news! He killed Mario!'' Geo lied.


''Julian's drunk now! Hurry!'' Geo screamed at Mario.

'' okay!'' Mario said running.

He slowly placed the knife in Julian's hand and laid there with a fake cut around his neck after he drank the sleeping pill.

''Everything is looking good! When they take you to the hospital, I'll get you out,'' Geo whispered before calling the police from Mario's phone ,so it looked like he was asking for help.

Geo never wanted to see Julian walking around the street alive after he had gotten away from the gold house. Geo hated Julian with all his guts even though he had done nothing wrong. Minutes later, the police had arrived ,but Julian had gotten away once again.


''You deserve someone better,'' He started,'' what we had together was amazing and you can't just throw that away for a fu-''

''Debbie!'' Someone screamed from outside the house.

Debbie stood up from the couch and walked towards the wooden door as the words Geo had said spinner through her head. She let out a breath before opening the door to her best friend. Alexis ran inside about to rant about Geo ,but she saw him here with messy hair, shirtless and Debbie in a robe.

''How could you!'' Alexis screamed as Julian walked towards the house.

Julian walked towards Debbie even though Alexis was walking away with a look of disappointment in her eyes. He looked at Debbie and happiness filled his eyes, he missed her so much.

''Debbie,'' Julian said.

''Hey,'' Debbie said back.

''Hi,'' He whispered.

Geo then stood up as he heard Julian's voice and took his pants off only being left with boxers and walked towards the door. Knowing Julian would think of them as if they had slept together, Geo wrapped his arms around Debbie's waist. Julian looked at them as anger filled his eyes and the vein from his neck popped. Debbie unwrapped his arms from her waist and saw he was in his boxers.

''What are you doing!?'' Debbie screamed before moving away from Geo.

''What do you mean?'' Geo said playing it off.

''You slept with him!?'' Julian asked as the vein from his neck popped out more.

''Yeah, Do you have a problem?'' Geo asked before removing the robe leaving Debbie in her under garments.

Debbie stood there silent unable to speak as they both scanned every inch of her body. Julian was how Debbie was scared and pushed Geo knowing he was lying. As Geo fell on the ground, Debbie snapped out of it and tried to stop them. Geo stood up and pushed Julian causing a glass vase to fall and shatter. Debbie then screamed as pain filled her arm and blood did too.

''Debbie!'' Julian screamed before running towards her.

''I'm so sorry,'' Geo whispered before walking away.

''I'm fine,'' Debbie said as Julian placed a band-aid on her cut.

Julian sat there with pain in his eyes not being able to stand seeing her hurt. He then stood up and sat next to her and looked her in the eyes. She looked down and smiled not remembering she was in her bra. Julian slowly lifted her chin up and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

''I love you,'' Julian whispered.

Debbie stood silent as she thought about Geo's words ,but didn't break the kiss. Maybe What she had with Geo would never be topped.

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