She was just a girl, looking for an adventure. He was a bad boy, full of life changing events about to happen. When she found him, her world started falling down. She loved it though, she just couldn't explain why. Would her feelings go crashing down? Would his problems be in between how they felt? Did he actually have feeling for her? Was she with him for just an adventure?


6. Chapter 6)

As Debbie drove towards her house, she started thinking about what she would say to her dad. She grabbed her phone and started checking for messages ,but they were just from Alexis. She had the right to be mad at her... Alexis was dating her ex boyfriend!

''Debbie stop, it's her soul mate,'' she whispered to herself.

She slowly started parking in front of her two story beige colored house. She could smell her rose garden surrounding her house. She walked out of her car letting out a sigh and took the keys out of her pocket. She placed the key in the lock shaking like a frightened puppy. As the door opened, she closed her eyes expecting a scream. Everything was silent, the house was empty with only a note placed on the door she hadn't noticed. She took it and opened it.

Dear Debbie,

We came here a while ago and we waited for your return. You didn't come back so we decided that a letter would probably be the best option. We are all very sorry to inform you that your father has passed away. He was a very brave man who fought hard to keep peace and equality to everyone. He always talked about you and he loved you with all his heart. We hope you understand that he will always be in your heart.

With Love,

Lopez Family.

Debbie stood there in shock. Every word repeated through her head, Tears slid down her cheek. She closed her eyes trying to calm down ,but it was useless. Her breath started quickening and her heart beat was faster. Tears started turning into cries for help, She started feeling without control of her body until, boom, she collapsed. Alexis ran inside screaming for Debbie to wake up ,but it was useless.

''Debbie! Please wake up!!'' Alexis screamed before calling Julian and Geo.


''Omg I'm glad you're here. I can't take her to the hospital cause they'll know you're here,'' Alexis said.

''Just get me some water and a towel,'' Julian said carrying Debbie to the Sofa.

''Alexis! Why-'' Geo said before noticing Julian,'' You!''

Julian turned around and placed Debbie on the sofa. The enemies were together. They had to work together in order for Debbie to be okay.

''What are you doing here!?'' Julian screamed walking towards Geo.

''I'm here because my girlfriend called.''

''Who!?'' Julian said causing his eyes to turn a dark shade of blue.

''Alexis. What happened with Debbie?'' Geo asked worried.

''My soulmate Debbie? She fainted.''

''Soulmate?'' Geo asked confused trying not to sound weak.


''Julian I'm back with the water and towel! Here,'' Alexis said handing them to Julian.

Julian placed them on Debbie's forehead and looked at her in 'aw'.

''Julian, you should leave,'' Geo stated.

''Maybe you should! You are the last person Debbie would want to see.''

''She's the love of my life!'' Geo screamed before he realized Alexis was there.

''Oh.'' Alexis said before running out the door.

''Alexis wait!'' Geo screamed.

''You want Debbie when you can't even keep Alexis,'' Julian said.

''What's that suppose to mean?'' Geo said walking towards Julian.

''It means you're stupid! And it's your fault I almost died!''

Flash back

''Jovani! Grab the box,'' Julian whispered.

''Geo! Where are you going?'' Mario asked watching Geo run towards the closet.

''Julian, Go to the kitchen and bring a pan!'' Geo whispered- screamed.

Julian then walked out leaving Jovani, Mario and Geo on their own.

''Now that he's gone. Just grab the box and go!'' Geo said opening a secret door.

Jovani grabbed a box and walked out leaving his brother on his own. As Julian entered the room, no one was there. He quickly grabbed two boxes and walked towards the front door. A light quickly turned on and polices were surrounding the house. Julian leaped towards the door and cops started following him towards the woods.

End of Flashback~

''You're the stupid one! You let Debbie run away when she is the most amazing girl you'll ever find! She is beautiful and even though at times she can get mad and frustrated, you will never find anyone better! She means the world to me and I don't want a guy like you to ruin her. I know what you do to girls who fall in love with you! I know what you did to your first soul mate!'' Geo screamed.

Julian stayed silent, He made many mistakes in the past he never wanted to remember.

''Geo? Julian?'' Debbie whispered opening her eyes slowly.

''Debbie!'' Geo exclaimed pulling her into a hug,'' Are you okay?''

''Yeah.... I'm Fine. What are you guys doing here?''

''I was just leaving,'' Julian stated walking out the door.


''Debbie, just let him go. He's not who you think he is. You're better off without him,'' Geo stated.

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