She was just a girl, looking for an adventure. He was a bad boy, full of life changing events about to happen. When she found him, her world started falling down. She loved it though, she just couldn't explain why. Would her feelings go crashing down? Would his problems be in between how they felt? Did he actually have feeling for her? Was she with him for just an adventure?


3. Chapter 3)

''You don't trust your Soulmate?'' Debbie asked walking towards Julian.

''I don't trust anyone ,so hurry. We have to leave before it gets dark.''

''But, I'm not leaving, my daddy is coming home after 5 years!'' Debbie exclaimed.

''Well you can wait longer!'' Julian screamed back.

Debbie's eyes got watery, she stopped walking and looked at Julian straight in the eyes. Tears started streaming down her face as she remembered her the last time she saw her dad. Julian rolled his eyes and carried her to his car.

''I'm sorry beautiful, I can't let you go.''

Debbie closed her eyes, she started imagining what her dad looked like. She let the tears fall down her cheek and Julian started wiping her tears away. Debbie sat up and started looking at the road.

''Why did you kill Mario?'' She asked.

''You didn't even hesitate to ask?''

''Tell me! I still have my phone,'' she warned.

''Well, he was drunk, he was making stupid decisions and almost hurt a girl. He wouldn't listen when I asked him to let her go. The last thing I remember is a guy going behind him and stabbing him then running. The girl blamed me since the other guy was her boyfriend and well I ran,'' he finished explaining.

''What? That is such a lie!'' Debbie exclaimed,'' First off, no story ever mentions another girl in trouble, and I just don't believe you!''

''Don't believe me beautiful ,but I wouldn't even hurt a fly.''

''I officially don't think your hot anymore,'' Debbie said laughing,'' I mean where's the adventure in this?''

''You were crying.''

Debbie stood silent and started looking through her window.

''Anyway, what's the deal with girls loving bad boys?''

''Well, they are mysterious and it's like the typical romance stories. The bad boy and the good girl fall in love. Honestly, I just like what I can't have,'' she said.

''Noticed,'' Julian said laughing,'' I mean clearly you like me.''

''Ha! If you say so,'' Debbie said turning a shade of light pink.

Debbie looked at the street and started thinking back to Geo. She starting thinking back to why she liked him in first place. Why they lasted so many years together and broke up until now. She truly liked him ,but maybe they just weren't meant to be.

''Keep your head up,'' Julian said lifting her chin up,'' I want to be able to see your beautiful eyes.''

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