She was just a girl, looking for an adventure. He was a bad boy, full of life changing events about to happen. When she found him, her world started falling down. She loved it though, she just couldn't explain why. Would her feelings go crashing down? Would his problems be in between how they felt? Did he actually have feeling for her? Was she with him for just an adventure?


2. Chapter 2)

''Well, I had my bad days,'' Julian said.

Seconds later, Julian with his light blue eyes was face to face with Debbie and her dark brown eyes. He had a huge smile placed of his face, Debbie couldn't believe Julian was right infront of her, the boy, the most wanted boy in her society.

''But.... How? You're a criminal!'' Debbie screamed running away from him.

''No, I'm,''he said,''never mind.''

With that, Julian walked the opposite way from his lover. Debbie opened the door to her house, slowly looking back to see if Julian was right there. Her heart pounding out of her chest, she walked upstairs and closed the door of her room. She grabbed her laptop and started typing away.

'Julian Jara' she typed.

'1,926,725 websites for your search'

She clicked the first website and started skipping the unimportant parts. As she got towards the end of the article, someone knocked on the door. She quickly closed her computer and opened the door to see her best friend.

''Hey Alexis, I need to tell you something!'' Debbie exclaimed.

''Me first!'' She started,'' I talked to Geo and his bracelet turned purple, then I asked if he was okay and well now we're kind of together.''


Debbie stood quiet for a moment. She was happy for her, she really was ,but the memories of Geo and her rushed through her head. As a tear started streaming down her face, Debbie stood up and rushed downstairs. Alexis ran after her trying to explain that Debbie in fact had given her that idea. As Debbie ran out of the house, she had no idea where she was going. She then started running towards the hidden park. It was a place she always went to when she was younger, it was full of flowers and grass. To her, it was the only place she could be alone. As she got there, everything was silent, no one was behind her. She sat down on the bench and started blasting her favorite song, 'I Miss You' by Blink 182.

Julian carefully walked towards Debbie. He tapped her shoulder and she quickly wiped her tears. She looked at him with a puzzled look.

''What are you doing here?'' Debbie whispered pausing her music.

''Well, when I was younger, I met a hot chic here and now I usually hang out here.''

''Haha, your stupid,'' she said standing up knowing he was referring to their first encounter.

''Are you going to turn me in?'' He asked with no look of fear.

''What if I am?'' She asked with a smirk on her face.

''Then I'll have to take you with me.''

''You can try,'' Debbie dared.

Julian then walked towards her and Debbie pulled her phone out. He grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. Something about him made her heart start beating faster. Her shaky hand started dialing '9-1-1'. As she was about to click the green button to call, Julian moved closer to her and she could feel his body heat. She put her hand down, hypnotized by his light blue eyes, and tried to hide her smile.

''Good Girl,'' Julian whispered,'' Let's go.''

''Go?'' Debbie asked.

''I'm not letting you go and turn me in.''

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