She was just a girl, looking for an adventure. He was a bad boy, full of life changing events about to happen. When she found him, her world started falling down. She loved it though, she just couldn't explain why. Would her feelings go crashing down? Would his problems be in between how they felt? Did he actually have feeling for her? Was she with him for just an adventure?


1. Chapter 1)

She walked towards everyone with a confident look. All the students whispering about what had happened between Debbie and Geo. She sat down in the back of the class with her best friend Alexis.

''Debbie , Did you and Geo break up?'' Alexis whispered hoping it wasn't true.

Debbie sat still for a moment, she thought back to the 6 years Geo and her were together. She loved him so dearly ,but he started becoming a bore. No matter how much she tried making an adventure out of what she did with him, he was just so serious and quiet.

''Your bracelet changed to red every time you guys were together,'' Alexis whispered.

''We broke up, and you know red doesn't mean love, it means friendship,'' Debbie stated annoyed.

The bracelets they wore changed colors depending on their moods and feelings towards a person. Everyone in their village wore them, they were a birth gift. Alexis stared at her bracelet and sighed.

''I never told you ,but my bracelet turned purple every time Geo was around,'' Alexis stated quietly.

''What? You should go after him,'' Debbie screamed.

''Shh.... I'll go right now,'' she stated before walking away.

Sitting down lonely, Debbie started wondering if she would ever find her true love. Everyone had theirs and everyone made fun of a person when they didn't. Debbie stood up slowly and started walking towards the exit, 'there's no reason to stay 10 more minutes doing nothing,' she thought. As she walked towards her secret place, her bracelet start changing into a light shade of purple. She looked around quickly only to find no one around.

''Hey, how is that possible?'' She heard a boy whisper.

She turned to where the voice was coming from ,but again, no one was there.

''Who's there?'' She whispered.

''I'm Julian,'' the boy said proudly,'' I'm 16, it was my birthday just last week.''

''Aren't you?'' Debbie asked looking around.

''No, is it-'' she wondered,''no, you can't be, I mean he wouldn't be stupid enough to be seen in public.''

''Actually, I am Julian Jara.''

''The murderer!?'' Debbie asked with a worried look on her face.

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