Love Line

Behind the story of a fangirl!


1. Where do it begin?

July 29 was a beautiful day when a marriage couple had a beautiful new born daughter name Liane. Their daughter was as beautiful as her name and cute as a puppy. Her parents were glad they had her. Liane was a cute, cheerful, and laughable kid. Many days past as she was already four years old.

Her father became ill and passed away. Her mother got remarry and that was when everything had changed.

Her step-dad have a daughter name Mary that is the same age as her and a son name Jason who is a year older than both of them. They finally lived under one roof. "Try calling him dad" Liane mother told her. She nodded yes and call him dad. After dinner Liane and Mary went up to their bedroom and organize their stuff. Mary took out her small pink teddy, small giraffe, and a small pig. Liane look at her with her big shiny eyes. "It's cute right, mother bought me this" Mary told her. She look at the teddy bear and smile again. She then went to her black bag and open it up. "You like it, my father bought me this big teddy bear for me" Liane told her. Mary went to the big teddy and try to snatch it away from Liane. "It's mine! Let go!" Mary yelled. Their parents ran upstairs and went to check the situation out. "Girls! Stop it now. What's wrong?" their parents ask. "She tried to steal the teddy that my father bought me" Liane cried out loud. Mary's father gave her a stare and took her out the room. "Mary this is unacceptable" her father told her. She went back in the room and apologize. The next morning her parents went to Liane cousin house for a birthday party. Her older cousin name Rose show her a music video of a Kpop group to her. She then became interested in becoming a singer and a dancer. Mary came in and try to cause trouble to Liane again. She lied that mother needed her and told her that she didn't know why. Liane went to the kitchen and her mother was in the stove cooking food. Her mother carried a hot bowl of water and didn't know that Liane was in the kitchen. Her mother turn and the hot water poured on Liane. "OH MY GOD!" Her mother cried. They rush to the hospital. "It's a miracle! Your daughter will have some scar on her face, but she will be alright" the doctor told her parents. Both her parents became relief after hearing it from the doctor. Weeks passed and she was able to leave the hospital. Everybody was happy accept for Mary.

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