The last one

I never understood why others trusted me.....but now I know I have a reason to live outside of the dark


7. The dream of her past

   I am in a dark room. Nothing to be seen. I open my eyes, moaning. "W-what? Where am I?" Then my surroundings became a forest. A dark figure was standing near a river. It was a female. There was a rustling in a bush. I glanced behind me to see another dark figure, stalking to the female. The female looked behind her, and saw the dark figure. She turned around, about to run, when another dark figure came stalking in front of her. Two other dark figures came out of the bramble one on each side, beside her. The female figure out her tail under her legs and said: "w-what do you want from me?" Her voice sounded distant, like an echo. One of the figures growled "you have disobeyed our alpha." The other three figures nodded in agreement. " and the alpha have sent us here." I looked behind me and saw Amber standing in a bush, peeking through the leaves. "W-what?" I whispered. One of the figures jumped on the female, snapping. The female struggled to free herself. But, the other three shadows surrounded her, growling. "W-what!? STOP IT. STOP. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I yelled, even though I knew they couldn't hear me. The figure that was on her opened its jaws, and bite. I stared in horror as the female's body grew limp. Blood forming a thin pool around her. I looked back at Amber, who was shaking,  she looked at the limp female, horrified. And ran off as quick as she could. When the figure got off the female, his mouth was splattered with blood. He had heard Amber run off. The figure sniffed the air. "The little one followed." He growled. Then all three figures left the female's body, to go back to their territory. I watched as the four figures ran off. Then I looked back at the female. She was limp on the ground, a pool of blood still forming around her. "IVE SEEN ENOUGH!!" I screamed. "TAKE ME AWAY FROM THIS, AWAY FROM THIS NIGHTMARE!!! I CANT TAKE IT" I kneeled on the ground, holding my head, still screaming." JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!"
       I sat up quickly, breathing heavily. I put my hand on my head. I shook my head. I looked to where Amber was sleeping. She was shaking from the cold. I scooted towards her laying down I set my arm around her. She stopped shivering and moved closer to me, still asleep. I smiled and fell back asleep.

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