You Are - Poetry Contest Entry

***Taken from my book "Who We Are" for the poetry contest***


1. You Are...

You are the blue sky in the summer that is smudged with shades of pink, and orange, and gold.

You are the sound of the rush of a river during rainy season; the force of the water that pulls entire trees down into the current.

You are dusty surfaces and empty picture frames that sit patiently, waiting to be filled with captured light and time.

You are the love letters that never make it into her hands.

You are a story that someone reads on a rainy day for hours; they become mesmerized with the thousands of versions of the same twenty-six letters that rest on your pages. You are the tear that slips down their cheek and lands on the ink and streaks it just enough to make the words unreadable.

You are the clouds that the couple watches in the park, and the butterfly their child chases around the playground.

You are every note on the piano played at once.

You are the ringing in the choir’s ears and the swish of the hand of the conductor who keeps his eyes shut for the duration of the song, because he is caught in a state of dreaming. You are the pictures in his mind; the diamonds he imagines falling from the strings as the violinist plays.

You are the thoughts of the teenager who sits in his room with his music turned up as high as it goes; you are the words that are sung so delicately, that break his heart and then put it back together.

You are the moon, you are the stars.

You are the mystery that lies in every known and unknown galaxy and every supercluster.

You are the magnetic pull between planets, and the life that scientists seek beyond our solar system.

You are everything a philosopher questions; the existence of time, of God, of good and evil…

You are the dance between gravity and flying.

You are every mountain, and every waterfall, and every volcano; you are the altitude, and the mist, and the ash that covers cities.

You are the parts of nature that every man fears; you are so intricate and bold - but you are fragile, too. You are the gray beauty in the morning fog, and the grace in the dew drop as it falls from a blade of grass.

You are the detail in every spiderweb.

You are the power of an earthquake.


You are not worry. You are not regret.

You are wonder, and curiosity, and hope.

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