The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Monster

Responding to a threatening transmission the Challenger returns to Terra II to confront an enemy that Michael and the crew of the Challenger have ever faced before.


3. 3

Godzilla continued stomping through a city with no skyscrapers and it looked from side to side not firing its atomic fire as if it decided there was no point as people below it screamed as they ran or were already suffering through its wrath as Godzilla walked over them.  The creature was near the edge of the city when it looked up and saw various naval warships ranging from DDG’s, DD’s, and Cruisers inside the bay area.  Jet aircraft and attack helicopters flew in and fired missiles and machine guns only to have no effect on Godzilla’s hard skin and the creature first tried to swap them out of the sky with its claw hands only for the aircraft to fly around them and Godzilla swung its tail and the pilot of one attack helicopter fired two missiles that hit the spine to no effect and the aircraft pulled away only for the pilot to see the creature’s tail coming right after him as he screamed when the side of the tail smashed through the cockpit and struck the pilot in the face before the aircraft exploded.  The creature then fired its atomic fire and the aircraft tired to dodge the flames but many of them were caught and were either engulfed by the flames and either exploded or they spun down to the wrecked city and crashed.  The Challenger appeared from reentry and maintained position a few miles east of the battle over the water as the bridge crew watched the aerial battle.  Michael said, “There’s no way that can stop Lizardo.  Not all the attack aircraft on the planet can even stop him, only delay.”, Gross and the others looked at him puzzled and said, “Lizardo?”, Michael said, “Yes.  Remember he is an experimental cyborg just like me.”, Chloe said, “Then how did he transform from one size to that thing!”, Michael replied, “Because he is on Survival Mode.”, Gross said, “What is that?”, Michael said, “When Cervello tore me apart and programmed me they told me the Survival Mode is a program where if a cyborg or machine is facing imminent destruction it activates the program where it fights for its survival, unleashing the cyborg’s full potential if not overdoing it.”, Gross said, “How long is this supposed to last?”, Michael replied, “Unknown.  Whenever the cyborg feels that its existence is no long in danger.”, the remaining aircraft departed as Lizardo approached the bay and the ships already had their gun turrets and missile launchers aimed right at him.  Michael then looked shocked and turned to Law and said, “Lt. can you reach the commander of the fleet that is about to engage Lizardo?”, Law replied, “I’ll find the commander sir but how are we...”, Michael yelled, “JUST FIND HIM, HURRY!  They are about to be lead to a massacre!”, Law quickly pressed various buttons and controls till she said, “Sir I have him!”, Michael ran up to her station and pushed her aside to her surprise and he pressed a button and yelled, “Commander of the fleet that is about to attack the creature, get the hell out of there now!”, a male voice said, “Who is this?  This is a secured channel!”, Michael replied, “I am the commander of the ship that is trying to save your sorry ass!  You are sitting ducks down there, get the fuck out!”, the commander replied, “We are in position to unleash our full naval arsenal on Godzilla and our leaders agreed that this will destroy it!  Either assist us or..!”, Michael yelled back, “He CAN BREATH ATOMIC FIRE!  In your position you are just sitting ducks waiting to be sent to the oven!”, Petra yelled, “Captain!”, Michael looked and saw Lizardo looking down on the fleet and some of the ships fired their forward single gun turrets and when they exploded on the creature it stumbled back a little and made a roar even as the other ships fired their missiles at it, but Lizardo stomped forward and Michael and the others watched as his back lighted up from his tail up to its back and Michael moved forward and yelled, “YOU IDIOTS!”, and Lizardo fired its atomic fire from its mouth and the whole bay area was almost completely engulfed by flames as Lizardo moved its head back and forth.


    Some of the warships tried to turn and retreat only to stop as the crews within began abandoning ship and one of the DDG’s end up ramming another as the bridge was engulfed by flames and the crews screamed as they were burning or abandoning theirs stations.  Some of the ships exploded as there magazines caught fire and even as the crews abandoned ship they swam only to be burned alive as the water in the bay boiled from the intense heat and fuel leaking from various other ships caught fire making the bay into one large cauldron of burning ships.  The bridge crew watched in horror even Malon turned away trying to control her breathing and Law removed her ear piece as all she heard was screaming and Michael said, “Get us in there, NOW!”, the Challenger then sped forward and approached Godzilla rapidly.  Michael was already in his chair as he and the others watched as they approached Lizardo that is unsuspecting them and Michael yelled, “Fire both phasers and torpedoes!”, and the Challenger fired both weapons and the phasers made short and long streaks across Godzilla’s back side while torpedoes exploded and the creature screamed in anger and pain and turned towards them.  The Challenger maneuvered about as the ship fired training its weapons on the creature and on the bridge Gross said, “Sir it seems the torpedoes are having no affect, and the phasers are only able to scar him!”, Michael yelled, “Concentrate all fire on his spine!  That is the main source of his pow..!”, Petra yelled, “INCOMING!”, and Godzilla’s tail struck the port side of the ship and it spun in the air while on the bridge people were thrown from their feet or most of them out of their seats as the lights flickered while in the passageways people were thrown about uncontrollably.  On the main viewer the view was a blur and there was a whistling type of sound as the ship spun uncontrollably as Petra fought the controls and Michael yelled, “STABILIZERS!”, and Petra yelled back, “I’M ON IT CAPTAIN!”, and the Challenger spun clockwise towards the clear water.  Petra groaned as she fought the controls as her console made metal groans as she pressed down on the control buttons really hard and the view started to clear up and the sound of whistling as the ship spun began to cease rapidly and the bridge straightened out.  The Challenger stopped spinning and decelerating just over the top of the water and the bridge crew got back to their stations and Michael said, “Report?”, Gross was able to make it back to her scanner and looked down and said, “Sir, he’s gone!”, Michael turned to her in his seat looking surprised and said, “What do you mean gone?!”, Gross replied, “From the looks of the radiation trail he descended underwater!”, Michael turned to Petra and said, “Scanners!”, Petra replied, “Sir scanners are offline as well as port shields!”, and Michael pounded on his armrest and yelled, “Damn!”, Gross then said, “Sir I’m detecting underwater explosions!  It seems that the submarine fleet is firing torpedoes at the creature!”, Michael replied, “They are just going to piss him off.”.  Underwater, the attack submarines tried to encircle Godzilla and fired torpedoes as it tried to swim away.  There were multiple impacts but like Michael said it only made the creature angry as the torpedoes had no effect and the creature turned against the subs and the first one it swung its right hand and struck it tearing a third of the sub apart as the creature clawed it.  Lizardo then went after another and chomped its jaws down over the middle of the sub pushing it forward as the creature swam causing the conning tower and the propeller and rudders to sheer off.  The creature failed to chew the sub and instead brought down its right hand and smashed the back half of the sub off and threw the rest away from its mouth.  It then swung its tail and struck another sub causing it to slam against another and both broke to large pieces as the creature swam towards another trying to get away only it was too slow as Godzilla grabbed it from the tail end causing the sub crew to be thrown forward and the creature pulled it back and with both arms and against the groaning of the subs metal hull the creature snapped the sub in half like a child breaking a toy and cast them aside.  On the surface Gross was reporting what was happening when all of a sudden a submarine popped out of the water and its whole hull flew in the air straight towards the mountain shoreline and hit the cliffs and rocky terrain battering up the sub when it hit before there was a series of small explosions before it rested.  Gross then replied, “Sir the rest of the subs are retreating.”, Michael said, “And Lizardo?”, Gross replied, “Gone.”.

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