The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Monster

Responding to a threatening transmission the Challenger returns to Terra II to confront an enemy that Michael and the crew of the Challenger have ever faced before.


1. 1

The Challenger came out of warp at the edge of the Terra System and sped towards Terra II.  On the bridge an ominous male computer voice said, “Warning, you have entered a Quarantine System.  Under regulations of the United Federation of Planets you are violating the Prime Directive...”, Michael said out loud, “Turn off that damn noise!”, Law pressed a button on her console and the voice stopped and she said, “Sir what...”, Michael cut her off and said, “Ms. Arkanian scan the surface and notify me of anything out of the ordinary.  Lt. Law has Starfleet heard the same message we had?”, Law said, “Yes sir, they replied that we are allowed in the system but we are only maintain orbit behind Terra II’s moon and scan the surface for whoever sent the message and report it to Starfleet.”, Michael said, “Excellent, Ms. Gross...”, Law said, “They also said we are not to engage the target or whoever sent the message.”, Michael pound his chair and said, “Damn!  Do they know who they are dealing with!”, Petra said, “Sir I believe I have found what we are looking for.”, Michael got up from his chair and went to her console and said as he looked over her shoulder, “Are you sure?”, Petra replied, “Sir the person who sent the message spelled your name on the ground.”, Michael said, “On viewer!”, they saw an image of a dormant large volcano and Michael said, “Magnify.”, the image zoomed till they saw a cloaked figure standing with the name “Valkyrie” spelled out by large rocks and the figure stood as if waiting for him.  Michael looked frustrated, turned and walked towards the turbo lift pointing to Gross and said, “You have the con!  I’m going down there and settle this!”, Gross said, “But sir we are told not to engage!”, Michael stopped and said, “Petra what do you read on the person on the surface.”, Petra said, “I am getting mixed readings that to me seem whoever or whatever that is is both reptilian and cybernetic or either or.”, Michael said in a low voice, “Lizardo.”, Gross, Chloe and others nearby looked confused and Gross said, “Who is Lizardo?”, Michael replied, “An experimental cyborg by Cervello.  I must get down there and confront him before he does something else to get our attention like blowing up that volcano.”, Gross said, “But sir that’s highly unlikely.”, Michael replied, “He’s an experiment from Cervello, we have know idea what he is capable of.”, Law said, “Sir what about Starfleet?”, Michael said, “Notify them of who he is and I am beaming down.  Maintain position behind the moon and do not engage until I call for it, which I hope I wouldn’t.”, he left the bridge with Chloe following him as the ship went on yellow alert.


    The turbo lift door parted and Michael and Chloe stepped out and she said, “Arsenal is still with my sister in their quarters as she is still shaken up by her vision.”, Michael sighed and said, “Great, it sounds like I’m on my own for this one.”, Chloe said, “I still think I should beam down with you so...”, Michael said, “Chloe I would if this is another cyborg or like me but like I said before he is different and I have no idea what he is capable of.”, Chloe replied, “More the reason why you should not confront him yourself.”, they entered the transporter room and Michael replied, “Don’t worry, if it starts to get out of hand you can beam me out.”, he stepped onto the pad as the transporter chief worked on the controls and Michael said, “Besides what’s the worse that could happen.  Energize.”, and he dematerialized as Chloe looked at him worriedly.  When he rematerialized he was blindsided across the face by what appears to be a tail and he was thrown back hitting a rock wall.  Michael got on his hands and knees, shook his head and played with his jaw and said, “Damn, didn’t see that coming.”, as he stood he looked up to see a muscled lizard like humanoid standing before him with red eyes and sharp teeth and Lizardo said, “You should have never left traitor.”, Michael replied, “Says a dude who does not have a home to go back to, unless a swamp is your home now.”, Lizard roared with rage and before Michael knew it he charged at him and slammed his back to the rock wall and tried to bite his face only for Michael to grab both of his jaws and tried to hold him back as Lizardo tried to snap his jaws on him.  Michael then pulled his feet up close to his chest and in one kick motion threw Lizardo off him.  Lizardo charged at him again but this time Michael ran up to him as well and elbowed him in the stomach and threw Lizardo over only for his tail to grab Michael by the neck and threw him over in the air as Lizardo landed back on his feet and Michael fell hard bouncing off a bolder and fell on his chest.  Michael groaned and said, “You and that fucking tail.” and he quickly stood and ducked just as Lizardo jumped after him making an animal roar as he tried to claw Michael’s face with his right hand and when he missed Michael punched him in the face only for Lizardo’s head to snap back and Michael shook his hand and rubbed it as it went numb from the punch and said, “Ow, reinforced jaw.  This sucks.”, then he was blindsided again by the tail as Michael was struck in the face and Lizardo grabbed him and began slamming his body to the ground. Michael tried to pull out his phaser during each slam and when he finally did the next slam knocked it off his hand and he tried to grab it by the next slam only to knock it out of reach and Michael made a painful expression and groaned, “Come on!”, Lizardo roared as he lifted him up and threw Michael as he slammed and shattered a boulder in his path before hitting the ground and Michael struggled to get up.  Lizardo walked up and saw Michael clawing up a boulder and Lizardo said, “Pathetic.  That is why you are a prototype, and you will die like one.”, he swung his tail down and suddenly Michael spun around and grabbed it just before it could hit him and Lizardo snarled as he tried to pull it back but couldn’t as Michael kept a firm grip and said, “What’s the matter, cat got your tail?”, Lizard roared and was about to yank his tail up till Michael threw his left hand back, shoved it into Lizardo’s tail and in one jerking body motion he twisted his tail and there was a loud metallic snap and Lizardo roared in pain.  Michael yelled as he flipped in the air and kicked Lizardo across the face  before he grabbed hold of his tail again and yelled as he flipped him in the air and slammed his body on the ground and then spun him smashing a boulder before letting him go and Lizardo slammed his face onto another boulder.  Lizardo made a low hiss and Michael said, “Yeah, I am the prototype.”, all of a sudden Lizardo spun in the air towards him like a drill and slammed Michael’s chest with the top of his head and Michael lost his breath as he was knocked back and skidded on the rocky ground till his head reached the edge of the mouth of the volcano before Lizardo planted his foot on his chest and began to crush him before Michael could get up and he tried to push Lizardo’s foot off but with no success as there was a low groan of metal being compressed and Michael locked his jaw and his face turned red as he tried to keep from screaming.  Lizardo made a hideous deep laugh when all of a sudden there was a sonic boom from a distance and it drew Lizardo’s attention and he looked a little surprised and said, “Impossible.”, Michael looked around for something to dislodge his foot till he saw his phaser and he grabbed it as Lizardo was distracted and he fired it and the beam struck Lizardo in the crotch.  When he was hit Lizardo flew back and smashed through a large rock and hit the ground hard.  Lizardo groaned and said, “You are going to pay, you pathetic...”, but before he could finish Michael grabbed him by the tail and yelled as he threw him towards the mouth of the volcano and Lizardo screamed as he fell into the darkness.

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