1. The Great Journey

Once upon a time there was a small chihuahua named Catlyen. One day, Catlyen's owner goes missing. Catlyen is very worried that he won't return

Every day, Catlyen goes to the front door and waits for his owner to come home, but he never does.

One day, Catlyen decides to search for his owner. He even has a plan. He asks every pet in the neighborhood for leads to his owner. He doesn't get very much information from the pets, but, as he wanders through the town, he overhears a conversation between two mysterious men. They start to talk about the owner of Catlyen. They say that his mission has failed, and they laugh notoriously.

Because of that, Catlyen gets very angry, and decides to follow the men when they get in the car. He runs quickly after the car. The car leads him to a small business building. Catlyen devises a costume, and gets into the building. Right after he gets in the door, he is captured, and he is taken into a room, where he is tied to a pole in front of his owner, who is also chained to a pole. Catlyen struggles, but to no help. Catlyen is forced to listen to the men talk to his owner. They pull out swords, and they try to kill the owner. Catlyen suddenly gets an idea, and finally struggles out of the chains. He fights off the men, and unties his owner. Catlyen is honored a month later with an award, and the men are arrested.
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