The Valkyrie Chronicles: Cervello

The machines that Michael and his family escaped from that are trying to conquer the universe and exterminate all life have reached their galaxy. The fight for survival has begun.


2. 2

They were about to advance till suddenly Cervello’s twin to four engined fighters advanced faster and Ender yelled, “Enemy fighter’s coming in!”, and he watched as the fighters flew right past him all around firing red and purple laser blasts as the VerKa flew past firing its beam pistol as the Iron Defenders and Starfleet and Zhargosian shuttles (improvised fighters) fought the sea of fighters surrounding them but were unable to stop most of the fighters as they began attacking both Starfleet and Zhargosian starships.  Before him Michael watched as a Miranda class starship was torn to pieces by blaster fire coming from the Cervello fighters as they surrounded the ship.  The bridge rocked side to side from the blasts of the fighters and Petra told Michael he is not going to believe this and Michael left his chair and made his way to the helm from all the rocking and saw through Petra’s display and looked shocked and said, “What the hell!”, two large roundly lit ships rose from beneath them and hundred of thousands of various bombers and fighters flew from them.  During the battle Ender flew at two large block like ships and aimed what he believed are the command bridges and fired on them incinerating the machines operating within and the glass viewing bridges blew up and the VerKa quickly moved on before the batteries on those ships could fix on his position but proved to be pointless as they continued to advance and when he fired on the ships again some of his shots were intercepted by the batteries of the other ships.  The Challenger rocked harder and Arsenal said through Michael’s arm rest they have 15 minutes left on shields as it is steadily decreasing.  A battlestar exploded sending a chain reaction that destroyed the entire ship and chunks of debris fell on top of them and Michael ordered  everyone to hang on and for Ender to take cover and the VerKa flew beneath the saucer section just missing the debris flying down towards him but thankfully the shields deflected them off.  The Challenger continued to fire phasers and torpedoes all around and Ender pulled out his assault rifle and fired at the fighters attacking the Challenger while another battlestar was also being ripped apart by the fighters as multiple points of its hull exploded and the ship groaned under the weight of fires and explosions and eventually the ship exploded and the left connecting structure blew away and smashed directly on top of OS Federation class starship’s body section and crushed the overhead warp nacelle causing an explosion that blew the ship to pieces.  A Reliant class starship moved in to pick up survivors but then it was swarmed by fighters and the ship’s shields were smashed through and they mainly attacked the engineering section like they knew the design of the ship and the ship exploded when its warp core was breached giving no one a chance to abandon ship and survivors from the other destroyed ships were also being targeted and killed and Michael informed Law to notify command to tell all the ships in the fleet to avoid picking up survivors as they are being used as bait.  


    A larger version of a four engined fighter smashed through the hanger doors causing a violent explosion as it slammed into the deck and skidded to a halt in the middle of the hanger bay with the front of the ship smoldering in flames and was crushed in but then the sides of the ship opened and M machines walked out and started firing plasma and blaster rifles in the hanger bay as the maintenance and emergency crews tried to run away as many were being shot as they ran.  Chloe ran down a hallway passing a sea of crewmen as they ran the opposite direction till the doors at one end of the hallway exploded and she ducked, but as she looked up she say one of the M machines with its red eye turning towards her and aimed both blaster rifles at her and down the hallway and Chloe took cover as it and other machines appeared from around the corner and fired a series of red and purple blasts down the hallway killing and mowing down the crews as they tried to get away while the machines walked calmly down the hallway towards Chloe’s direction.  She pulled out her phaser and quickly turned from a corner and fired at them shooting one in the face and blowing apart its head.  More machines appeared and Chloe ran out and dodged more fire from the machines and she slides on her knees between one of the machines legs, pulled out one of her swords from her backhand stabbed it through the machines crotch as some of the crewmen watched and one of them made a painful expression just by looking and she threw the machine amongst the others and she swung her sword cutting apart the hydraulics in the calfs of two more behind her making them fall under the weight of the machine she threw.  She pulled out two phosphorus grenades, rolled them down the hallway where more machines are appearing from the side and she took cover as they exploded and the machines melted and burned all the while looking confused till they were destroyed.  One of the moon size rounded ships beneath the fleets fired a large laser cannon and it missed the fleet but it exploded in an asteroid field above them blowing out chunks of rocks into space or towards the fleet below.  One large asteroid headed towards a Magellan class battleship (smashing through shuttle fighters and Iron Defenders in its wake) but it was too late for the ship to get away and it was smashed and exploded sending more rock debris flying and some of them hitting the Challenger’s shields and one good size one hit the VerKa in the back of the head and it flew off from atop the saucer section holding on for dear life on the left cable as it dangled in the fire fight in space while the Challenger moved.


    Michael ordered Petra to reel him back in and Law told Michael Arsenal reports they have two minutes left on the shields.  Michael then ordered Petra to head towards one of the moon size ships and get closer to its surface so they can force them to only attack from above, but then there was an explosion from her console and Petra immediately fell back to avoid the static discharge and one of the crew pulled out a fire extinguisher and put out the flames before she resumed her station and told Michael that her controls are shot up except for speed and the VerKa has to take control.  Without hesitation Michael ordered Ender to assume helm control using the VerKa  and then Ender had the VerKa grab hold of both cables and pulled the ship to the right and he noticed that a destroyed saucer section of a Constitution type refit ship was in their way and they are heading towards it.  Ender pushed the cables forward as he ducked forward and the Challenger was just able to get beneath it and he pulled up having the Challenger miss a machine warship and he then pulled out his rifle, turned and fired it with his left hand still holding the cable and the block like warship blew in half and Ender resumed his position and moved left and right dodging ships, debris and major phaser blasts till they reached the moon size ship after dodging to the left to avoid a falling and exploding battlestar that eventually hit the rounded ship’s surface and created a larger explosion as it hit other structures on the surface as well as within the station.  Ender then scanned the surface till he found what looked like large cables going inside the station at one point with laser batteries surrounding it and firing on the Challenger.  Just as he was about to notify Petra the ship throttle side to side violently when the ship was barraged by more battery fire from the surface and Ender looked very irritated and pulled out his assault rifle as larger M machines appeared on the station’s surface and the VerKa fired on them and the guns and batteries on the surface blasting a clear path of burning rubble and blown debris on the surface surrounding the Challenger.  A mobile suit variant of the M machines jumped from below and on top of the saucer and the VerKa punched it in the face knocking it off and it fell down back to the surface as the Challenger floated above.  The VerKa ran forward and jumped off the saucer as Ender yelled and it fell a long ways before it landed on its feet on the surface as one of the bridge crew yelped as they saw Ender land on the surface on the VerKa’s two feet as they all looked in shock and awe.  


    The VerKa then pulled out both of its beam sabers from its back and Ender slashed apart the mobile suit variants of the M machines and the larger versions of the M machines as he also kicked them and tore them apart like fly paper.  Ender then ran into a larger contingent of the M.S.M machines and he ran, did a forward flip over the first one and when he came down behind it he chopped it in half and she the others ran to him with their grappling hook hands Ender then moved quickly and started slicing them up, jumping and kicking others in his way while he makes his way to the cables leading towards the inside of the station.  From right to left he cut a M.S. variant in half, kicked another on the left side of its chest when Ender flipped around in the air and brought one of his swords down on top of it, kicked another from behind and it fell on top of the others.  He then swung his sword to another but it grappled his hand and Ender twisted its sword and arm where they are both wrapped around each other and Ender used his strength on the controls and snapped its arm and drove his left saber through the M.S.’s chest and ripped his sword upwards and out.  Two other M.S.’s came behind him and he turned and did a back flip and kicked both of them, then the other M.S.’s came under fire from torpedo attacks from the Challenger and the surface exploded around the VerKa as it took cover and when Ender looked up Michael’s voice came over the radio and told him they will cover for him and Ender had the suit run up to the cables while the Challenger fired torpedoes along the sides of the VerKa’s path but when Ender got on top of the cables he looked down to see a shaft leading down towards a white light that is barely visible that all the black and various dark color cables are leading towards it and Ender realized he has nothing to drop in it that will explode and Michael called over and told him the Challenger will handle it but no sooner as he said it a large figure kicked at the VerKa’s head and it fell back down on the surface and when Ender looked up he saw a smooth robotic figure that is almost shaped like a human with glowing white lights for eyes staring down at him and it was surprisingly the size of a person and it said, “Are you too weak to fight with your bare hands?”, ignoring Michael’s calls Ender opened the hatch and jumped out of the VerKa standing upright and landed on the deck and the machine said, “Interesting.  You jumped 52.87 feet and landed perfectly.  Your species would be worth studying before we purify it.”, Ender said, “There is no species.”, the machine said, “Then you will be purified.”, then in a sudden burst of speed he was already upon Ender and threw a punch that Ender dodged and the machine continued to move in sudden bursts of speed in a blink of an eye but Ender was just able to dodge or block both its punches and kicks.  Ender then ran up the side of a structure, did a backflip, got behind him and punched his back only hit a solid metal plate that formed its back and Ender shook his hand and made a painful look before the machine turned around and threw a punch across the left side of his face knocking Ender to the ground sending out droplets of blood in the air.  The machine suddenly planted its foot on Ender’s chest and Ender tried to push it away but it did not budge as the machine pushed down and Ender began screaming in pain till suddenly Chloe (in her spacesuit) tackled the machine from behind knocking him against the wall and Chloe then kicked the left side of his face, grabbed him in the collar and groin and threw him to another structure head first making a crunching sound before he fell.  Ender got back up regaining his breath but before he spoke the machine got up and they both watched as its head repaired itself and Chloe said, “Who the hell are you?”, the machine said, “My creator will tell your comrades if they live, but not you.”, and in a sudden burst of speed the machine grabbed both of them by their collars and slammed them against a structure by their backs.  They both flipped over his arms and twisted them back as they got behind him as he yelped in pain but when he turned his arms relocated themselves and Ender said, “Looks like this is not going to be over soon.”, and Chloe just gave him a “Really?” expression.


    All of a sudden M machines appeared in front of them from the ground  and Chloe ran up, kicked two of them in the face, punched one in the throat, left hook punch another in the face, flipped back and straddled behind another and pulled the triggers to its gatling guns and shot a group of other machines.  She then grabbed the back of the machine’s neck and ripped out its power cable and it fell dead before she pulled out her two sticked batons connected by a chain and hit the rest of the machines first one across the right side of its face busting out its jaw, another on its left support rib, knocked off a gatling gun on another’s right hand and dislocation its jaw.  She kicked another in the chest sending it falling on the others and brought down the stick on its crotch making it sit upland kicked its left gun to its face and pulled the trigger blowing its head to pieces.  She then spun her sticks and hit two others in the knee caps and then jumped and kicked both of them in the face, she then spun and knocked off a machine’s head off and kicked its body in the crotch sending it flying back.  Chloe replaced her sticks, grabbed a M machine coming up behind her in its right arm over her shoulder and flipped it over her head, put it in a headlock with her legs and dislocated its right arm and broke its neck.  In the meantime Ender kicked the enhanced machines the chest sending it flying and hitting another structure, he then ran and in one instant made multiple punches in the machine’s face.  The machine then brought downiest right arm over Ender’s head but he blocked it with his arms crossed and they both made loud and deep groans as they both pushed against each other till Ender gained the upper hand and threw the machine’s arm away and put all his force in his right hand and punched so hard that it destroyed the machine’s robotic left rib and Ender continued punching till he drove him to the wall and put his left arm up to block the machine’s counterpunch and pinned both its arm and chest back on the wall as Ender kept punching.


    Chloe ran, jumped and deadlocked a machine and when she landed on her feet she ripped out its head.  More M machines appeared and Chloe pulled out her sword, spun and chopped two machines heads off.  One of them turned pulled its plasma rifle out but before it could fire Chloe threw one of her empty phasers in its barrel and when it pulled the trigger the gun and the machine exploded sending debris to damage the surrounding M machines and blowing them away.  Chloe took this advantage and lopped off a head of another machine, stabbed another through the chest and threw it over her head and knocked down a couple more machines.  She then noticed and remembered that one of the M machines have fuel cells and they are nuclear powered and she then ran up to one of the destroyed M machines, ripped out both its fuel cells and chopped off two more M machines when they tried getting up, she saw Ender beating the crap out of the enhanced machine but then a M machine came up behind her and punched her in the middle of her back making her temporarily paralyzed and dropping a fuel cell.  It andante one other M machine started carrying her away and she tried screaming for Ender but the same M machine hit her in the face breaking her nose and made her dizzy.  On the Challenger’s bridge Michael saw this and he is unable to leave since enemy M.S.’s, gun batteries and fighters are still attacking them and he screamed into Ender’s comms that they got Chloe and he must save her.  Ender heard and he saw her and he pulled the enhanced machine away from the wall and the machine stood there and Ender made a powerful kick at the machine’s stomach sending him flying into the wrecked bodies of the M machines.  Ender then ran and jumped (over a few M machines trying to block him) and punched one M machine in the face so hard that half of its face came off and when it looked at Ender as it helped carry Chloe away.  Ender kicked the other M machine in the face with his right foot, Chloe fell but was still dizzy as Ender kicked a M machine in the chest, grabbed the spine of another from its stomach area and ripped it out and used it as a bat and yelled, “Batter up!”, and proceeded to knock off a few M machines heads off.  He then hit the fist of another destroying its right hand, tripped another and bashed its head in and all of a sudden a phaser blast blasted the other M machines away and Ender looked up to notice it was from the Challenger.

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