An Unbreakable Romance

Ella Ackerman is a tall, pretty and insecure, your average English girl. But she becomes a lot less average when she meets her soulmate in Colorado. He's not just any boy though, he's a famous snowboarder. But there love is threatened by his ex girlfriend when she moves into town and her twin brother not wanting them to be together. Will they ever get the unbreakable love the deserve?


8. OMG


We slept in until midday. We were both freighted that Al would find us snuggled up in my bedroom together. But he didn't. I didn't realise how much I love Max. I do love him. With all my heart. I don't know what Alvin would say about his little sister dating his best friend. I hope he doesn't find out so bad!

Max: Morning babydoll *kisses my forehead*

His morning voice was so sexy.

Me: morning baby *wraps my arms round his shoulders*.

My morning voice,however, is not. I heard voices outside my room. It sounded like Abbie and someone else. I walked to the door and poked my head round it. Next to Abbie was a little girl, she looked about nine.

Me: And what can I do for you two?

Abbie: we were just wondering where Max was. Howie needed to talk to him.

In the corner of my eye I saw Max get up and hide into wardrobe. I opened the door.

Me: haven't seen him all day. Sorry girls.

Howie: but whys Max's hoodie in your bed?

Me: one, I got it out of the laundry box cus I was cold and two, how did you know it was Max's?

Howie: Cus Max is standing in your wardrobe.

Me: no he's not.

Howie:*walks to my wardrobe and opens it* yes he is.

Me: how did he get there?

Howie: I'm not stupid he was in here last night.

Max: please don't tell Shred!

Howie: I won't tell Alvin IF you buy my a new doll.

Me: sure here's the money*rummaging though my purse* here's 10 dollars.

Howie: thank you*walks out of my room*

Me: can I trust her?

Max: I'm not sure. Let's get ready.

I get changed out of my pyjamas into black skinny jeans, a red and black plaid shirt and a beanie.

Me: sup Max. R u ready?

Alvin: Ella, why do you want Max?

Me: because I do why?

Alvin: Howie told me something.

Me: what did she say.

Alvin: something.

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