An Unbreakable Romance

Ella Ackerman is a tall, pretty and insecure, your average English girl. But she becomes a lot less average when she meets her soulmate in Colorado. He's not just any boy though, he's a famous snowboarder. But there love is threatened by his ex girlfriend when she moves into town and her twin brother not wanting them to be together. Will they ever get the unbreakable love the deserve?


4. he's cute.

At home I ran up to my room outraged that mybrother didn't want me here. As I was six feet away from my room I fell on top of a boy.

Him: Hi, I'm Max. And you are.....

Me: Ella. Alvin's younger sister.

Max: How much younger are you?

Me: one year.

He pulled himself up despite the fact I was being pulled down. He was so strong and his eyes were amazing. I was sure he was the one!

Max: so you're British.

Me: yea. 😬

Max: that's cute*kissed me on the nose*.

Alvin: what did you just do Max?

Me: Excuse me who do you think you are?

Alvin: WAY TOO FRIENDLY! What did I tell you. She's my little sister and I don't like the background story!

Me: What background story

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