This fan fiction is for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya
In this story Kyon has an esper like ability


1. Chapter 1

~~Disclaimer: I don't own any character or anything from the Haruhi Suzumiya series.

The sun streaked in through the curtains, lighting my room. I sighed knowing that I would have to get up for school in a matter of minutes. I hated beating my alarm clock when it came to waking me up, it made me wish even more that it was still night and that I could go back to sleep. The beeping of the alarm sounded and I groan.

"Kyon!" My sister yelled, just outside my door.

"I'm up" I mumbled before she felt the need to burst into my room and jump on my bed to ensure that I woke up.

I don't know where kids get so much energy or how they can even have so much first thing in the morning. I don't recall ever being so lively. My limbs felt heavy as I slinked out of bed. Something told me that the day was going to be long.

My little sister munched on breakfast.

"Kyon, I'm thirsty" She complained.

"You're more than capable of walking to the fridge and pouring yourself juice" I replied.

She stuck out her tongue, vanishing into thin air. She reappeared next to the fridge before opening it to retrieve a carton.

"Stop doing that, you shouldn't use your ability for something as simple as walking" I chided her.

"I dunno" She smiled as she sipped her juice.

She teleported back to her seat at the table. I sighed, aren't kids supposed to respect their elders?

"whatever, just don't let anyone see you okay?" I told.

She nodded. "Okay"

Our mum entered the kitchen.

"See you tonight" She pecked me on the cheek. "Make sure you don't use your abilities around others and be careful"

"Yes mum" I mumbled.

She and my sister took their leave, saying their farewells as they went out the door.

Our family came from a long line of 'espers' as Haruhi would say though that's not the actual term for us. Our kind preferred to stay hidden and we were not allowed to reveal our powers to those without abilities. I had once considered showing Koizumi but then decided against it with him not being born an 'esper' and having his powers giving to him by Haruhi. My family had been interested in Haruhi when I had told them what the rest of the brigade had told me about her having powers on par with a God. Despite that they didn't want to look into her too much due to the possibility of being found out by the other organizations looking into her. I had been utterly surprised when I had found out.

I shouldered my backpack and headed out. It would be interesting if Haruhi were to find out about my ability though for the sake of my sanity I prayed that she never did.




I trekked up the hill towards school. Why have a dam school at the top of, when walking, what seems to be a never ending hill. It was like someone intentionally meant for us high schoolers to suffer, that really wouldn’t surprise me.
My legs were aching and stiff by the time I finally reached school. I clambered in with the rest of the students then changed my shoes and headed to class. I found Haruhi in her usual place, sitting in the seat just behind me. She was reading some book.
“Morning” I greeted, taking my seat.
She ignored me and I’d be more upset by that if I hadn’t been so tired. At least she was being quiet for once. Of course I spook too soon.
“Kyon!” She grabbed me by the collar and pulled my back until I was looking at her.
I sighed. “What?”
She let me go and I adjusted my position so that I was facing her. A devilish grin was plastered on her face.
“We’re going to the circus” She declared.
“Huh? What does that have to do with aliens or whatever?” I asked.
“Oh Kyon, poor stupid Kyon, it has everything” She stated. “There could be aliens, espers or even time travellers hiding there”
Doubtful however I kept my peace, knowing how near impossible it was to deter Haruhi.
“So when are we going?” I mumbled.
“After school!” She grinned.
Oh joy.
Class started and I truly did my best to pay attention but still found myself loosing focus every so often. I really hated English. The rest of the day was fairly normal and passed by relatively quickly. The bell sounded, signalling the end of class. Haruhi dashed out without dragging me for along with her for once. I grabbed my bag and headed out. I jumped out of my skin when Haruhi grabbed me from behind.
“Slow poke” She chided.
I found myself nearly choking as she dragged me away.
We met the other Brigade members by the train station and departed. It was a short journey to our destination. Haruhi led the way and we her dutiful Brigade followed.
“You didn’t put this circus idea in her head did you?” I asked Koizumi.
He offered me his plastic smile and a shrug of his shoulders. I sighed. It was probably a good thing that I didn’t tell Koizumi about my family or our abilities.
We came to be standing outside a huge tent. Loud music could be head and a huge stream of people were heading inside. Haruhi gave each of us a ticket.
“Let go!” She instructed.
We made our way inside and took our seats.




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