this is just for fun:)


1. Pewidepie

The Fandom of Youtube:

pewdiepie was making yet again another youtube video "all right guys that was all for today this is Pewdiepie and time for the BROFIST" and he brofist the screen.

"that was awesome" and Josh brofisted the screen "I honestly don't get the point of that" his friend Luke said "that because you haven't gotten use to..." he stood up and posed like a hero "THE AWESOMENESS" and he shaked his hands down his body "Luke your moms here to pick you up" Luke stood up and walked away from Josh's desk "see ya man" Luke waved to Josh "bye" and Luke walked out of the room.

Josh went straight back to his computer and typed in Facebook in the search tab.

he started talking to Pewdiepie.

'hay man saw your new vid awesome'

'really thanks man Sempei and I are going to make some vines'

'really cool my friend Luke saw your new vid and he didn't understand what you said'

'that's because he doesn't understand the awesomeness'

'that's what I said'


'hay man I have to go'


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