Everything I didn't say

They were the couple other couples wanted to be, but when Calum goes on tour and forgets about Megan, will she fall gracefully into his arms or chase after the other boys whom had caught her eye? #5sos


1. Leaving

"Don't forget about us, Megan, I love you."

Those are the last words he spoke to me before he boarded the plane to London.

Now 4 years later he's on the cover of 'RollingStone' with the rest of his band. We lost touch when his band went on tour.

"Megan hurry your ass up the plane leaves in 30 minutes we still gotta get to the airport." Myranda the bassist for my band, Fallen Stars, called. We were going on a short tour only 6 months starting in LA. Opening for the one and only 5 seconds of summer. I hadn't spoken to Calum in 4 years and now were getting on a plane to open for him.

Wish me luck

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