Gay OneShots/Fanfictions

Basically i didn't have WiFi for a weekend and I wrote a ton of (albeit unfinished) gay fanfictions/ one shots. And these are copied straight from my computer so I apologize for the unfinished stuff. [There will be 5SOS, Septiplier, Phan, Natepat, and I might take requests if you ask nicely] [also I have like descriptions for the first few bear with me okay?]


3. Three - MUKE (5SOS) PART ONE


sooo 5SOS. yeah IT’S WORTH READING I SWEAR (if you would like to substitute names for your favorite gay ship please feel free)

Part One



    Awful singer.

    Voices throbbed in Michael's head as he knelt on the floor of the bathroom, droplets of blood staining the dirty white tiles.

    Why don't you just kill yourself already?

    Tears dripped down Michael's face, pouring off his nose and chin.

    It's not like you're worth anything to this band.

    Michael stared at his wrists and thighs, which were already covered with dozens upon dozens of angry red scars.

    You can't even play guitar well. You're a failure to this band and your so-called friends.

    “Michael?” Luke said, knocking on the bathroom door. “Are you alright?”

    “Me?” Michael gave a short laugh. “Yeah, I'm fine.” He stood up, grabbing the large box of bandages, beginning to cover his wounds.

    “Are you sure? 'Cause, well, you've been there a long time.” Luke said. “I just want to make sure that you're doing okay.”

    “I'm fine!” Michael said, gritting his teeth. His fists clenched, Michael applied the disinfectant to his stinging cuts wincing slightly as the ointment touched the open wounds

    “Well, al-alright.” Luke said. “But, Mikey, are you sure-”

    “I said I'm fine, now LEAVE ME ALONE!” Michael yelled at the door, pressing a large bandage to his wrist.

    “O-okay.” Luke said, his voice very small. “See-see you in a bit.”

    Look at what you've done now, The voice taunted him. He won't want to be your friend anymore after this. You've failed again.

    “Shut UP!” Michael screamed into a towel, muffling his cries. “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” His voice shook with sobs as he once again collapsed on the ground, crying for the failure he believed he was.

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