Gay OneShots/Fanfictions

Basically i didn't have WiFi for a weekend and I wrote a ton of (albeit unfinished) gay fanfictions/ one shots. And these are copied straight from my computer so I apologize for the unfinished stuff. [There will be 5SOS, Septiplier, Phan, Natepat, and I might take requests if you ask nicely] [also I have like descriptions for the first few bear with me okay?]




ok so natepat?? yes this is happening now what am i doing



    Nathan Sharp looked out across the noisy bar, an unopened bottle of beer in his hand. The loud bass of the music thrummed in his ears, making it hard to focus on anything. His eyes roamed carelessly about the room, his gaze switching quickly between passerbys.

    Finally, his attention centered on a young man leaning against a wall, talking to a woman sitting on a barstool near him. The guy kept pushing a few strands of hair out of his face, and his eyes darted around nervously.

    Cautiously, Nate stood up, handing his beer to a random person. He just barely heard a grunt of “thanks,” as he casually made his way towards the young man.

    The woman talking to the stranger had stood up, and was standing next to him, twirling a strand of hair between her fingers. The guy seemed to shrink slightly, and he edged away from her.

    Nate walked closer and took a barstool, close enough to hear their conversation. Waving away the bartender, he discreetly turned his head to hear their conversation.

    “Why don't we continue this discussion... upstairs,” the woman said. “It'd be much more private up there.”

    Nate strained his ears, and could just hear the guy say, “N-no, I don't think so.”

    “Oh come on,” the woman purred. “We'll have so much fun together.” Her fingers began to stroke his chest.

    Nate stood up and walked over to the guy, placing a hand on his shoulder. “There you are, man,” he said. “C'mon, our ride is waiting outside.” He dragged the guy out of the bar, into the night.

    “Sorry about that,” Nate whispered into the guy's ear as they walked outside. “You didn't look like you were having much fun there.”

    The guy smirked. “D'you think that I'd still be following if I was having fun there?” He laughed. “Really, thanks.”

    Nate smiled, coming to a stop. “I'm Nate, by the way.”

    “Matthew,” he replied. “But you can call me Matt.”

    “Matt. Nice to meet you, Matt.” Nate said.

    Matt looked up at the sky, giving a little shake of his head. “Y'know, I hate it when people assume I'm straight. Like, well, that weirdo back there.”

    “Are you? Straight?” Nate said, the words coming out before he realized what he had said.

    “No,” Matt said. “Though, sometimes I wish I was. Probably would make my life a little easier.” He gave a short laugh. “But, well, I'm gay, and that's that.” Matt scoffed. “Wish I had thought of that before I told my parents that I wanted to major in drama and I was gay. Now, well...” His voice trailed off. “Well, I'm staying at a few friend's houses until I can get back on my feet.”

    “Where are you staying tonight?” Nate blurted out, mentally cursing himself as soon as he said it.

    “I don't know.” Matt said, continuing to stare up at the crescent moon. “I was going to stay at this one guy's place, but he has a girlfriend now, and I don't really feel welcome anymore.” He gave Nate a crooked smile. “Probably the shelter.”

    “Oh, no you're not.” Nate said. “You've just been horribly traumatized by that strange woman.” He put his hand to his forehead dramatically. “Why would you dare go to a shelter where there are more strange people to assume you're straight and try to hit on you?”

    Matt laughed. “Your point?”

    “My point, my new friend, is that you're staying with me tonight.” Nate said. “And I will not take no for an answer.”


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