Gotham's Wings

Tonight everything may unveil. The truth of the identity of Batman, The truth of Scarecrow, The truth on Gotham and it's wings.

Tonight I tell you the truth of what happened on 30th October. For it was the darkest Halloween in history for gotham....


1. Prologue

~18:00pm Pauli's Diner, Gotham City~

The overall atmosphere was quiet...maybe even dead, Gotham's greatest criminals had stayed low after Joker's death. 'The ringleader was gone and so we're his show animals' Police seemed to see their jobs now easy thanks to The Batman, but yet they now seemed more afraid of him after that night where they surrounded the theatre only for the masked vigilante to be carrying the dead diseased body that had caused so much chaos in one night, People basked in relief knowing they were somewhat safe for now but others now thinking a new person to look out for stood in front of them laying the cold body onto a cop car then darting back off into the night to god knows where. Tonight was the end of officer Owens job at the GCPD. He sat inside Pauli's talking with the waitress behind the counter as he ate when a man in a green and yellow striped shirt and glasses walked up "Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt your dinner officer- uhhh....Owens. There's a guy smoking over there in the corner booth" the passersby eyes looked pleading, the officer sighed "wait here, I'll have a word" he reluctantly stood before making his way to the smoking customer tapping on his shoulder "excuse me sir, there's no smoking in here." The smoker ignored him so the officer tapped once more before going to take his hood off when the stranger suddenly jumped up revealing a horrific face that was all rotting and stitched up, the creature snarled intoxicating the officer with something when suddenly the whole diner was filled with the creatures. After time went by of trying to get away soon each and every person in that diner died from the struggling pain of fear...

Police had soon arrived to the gruesome scene that stood before them people shaking in fear with what they're seeing, some screaming out how they don't want to die or 'GET AWAY FROM ME!!'. It was some type of fear toxin, and just by that they knew tonight was not going to end soon..

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