Under the Bed

My entry for the Pixar competition.


1. Under the Bed

      Once upon a time there was a group of monsters that lived under Megan's bed. Every day, they would watch her feet as she moved around her room in the morning. While Megan was away at school they would hop around her room and clean up all of the scattered toys and sweep up the little specks of dust that had gathered over night. When the monsters heard the sound of the front door being opened they hurriedly scattered back under the bed. Then when the lights in Megan's room go out and the sound of her snores fill the room. The little monsters climb to the window and gaze out at the world that they do not know. 

      One day, a monster named Sue did not hear the sound of footsteps coming until it was too late. The door swung open and Megan threw her back pack on the bed. Sue was frozen in terror. All the other monsters could do nothing but stare at the helpless little Sue. Megan turned around and tripped right over Sue. "Oww!" Megan complained as she hit the floor. Rolling over Megan pushed herself to her feet. She stood there for a moment rubbing her sore elbow while scanning the room to find what had tripped her. Bear? No. Clothes? No. Monster? No. Hole in her sock. Megan bent over to look at her foot. No.

      Wait! Megan looked up from examining her sock. Monster! Screaming Megan jumped up on her bed and Sue ran under the bed. Megan's mom came into the room exclaiming, "What's wrong?" Megan pointed under her bed. "There are monsters under there." Megan's mom sighed and lifted Megan off of the bed. "There are no monsters under your bed." She said, pulling back the sheet. Exposing a dark shadow. Megan didn't believe her mom. She knew what she had seen. Megan's mom sighed again and suggested, "How 'bout we go down stairs and have a snack." Megan nodded, not taking her eyes off of the bed.

      Later that night when Megan was in bed Sue scurried up to the window. There she sat staring at the stars. Megan noticed Sue sitting on the window sill and crawled out of bed to join her. Sue was startled so see Megan so close again. "I won't hurt you." Megan whispered to Sue. Sue dipped her head to show that she understood. Because of that small gesture, every night Megan and Sue would sit together and stare up at the stars.

      Until finally, Megan grew older and no longer believed that there were monsters living under her bed. Sue  along with the other monsters, became invisible to Megan. But that didn't stop them from looking out Megan's window every night.

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