When I Fall

I wanted to write and this is what came out!


1. When I Fall

When I finally made it on top of the roof the wind had picked up quite a bit. The sun was still shining through the clouds making lines of sunshine bursting through the sky. I walked over to the edge of the roof.

I had always wondered what it was like to be a bird and to be able to fly through the sky. What would it be like to have wings? If I had wings... I could fly away from everything... everything. 

I looked down at the sidewalk below and saw people walking by without a care in the world. Then I looked up at the sky and saw birds flapping their wings and going wherever they wanted to go. I have made my decision. Plainly, I can't deal with the world anymore... it's just too hard... I'm always in the dark of the world and I just can't handle it anymore. I looked down one more time. Then I stepped up onto the edge of the roof and closed my eyes. 

The wind was blowing strongly in my face and I could hear the birds tweeting above me. Yes, I have finally decided what my fate shall be. If I am truly meant to live than I will gain wings and fly into the clouds, but if I am meant to die, then I shall fall to my death. 

I screamed,"THAT IS MY FATE!", and closed my eyes even tighter. 

Then I let myself slip off the edge until I was falling through the air. 

I'm going to die; I know it... but for once, I'm finally...




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