A poem I wrote about life and its poisonous ways.


1. Poison

I can't breathe, and I don't

know if it's me

or the poison.

The venom courses and chokes,

bones crush and wrap,

mold around perfectly.


With the stale bite of loves sting,

I wonder. But thoughts fog,

a haze, a blur, distance.


I thought I liked the rush, the

pain of loves poison. It rattles

through me, piercing like the eyes of

Medusa. Plentiful and hard;

I don't know


if its me or the poison but I prefer

to lay blame on

the one who injects.

Who suspects the water will kill.

Harm like poison.


You believe lately

the water's dangerous.

But it floats and flies and I don't know.


But when I do, I don't.

Because I choke on the poison.

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