Guardians Outlaw of Xandar

Lela Raine is a Human that had lived on Xandar who was born on Earth... She was 10 when Nova Prime took her on Xandar after her Father was Murdered. 20 years later She was Lightning Star Legendary Outlaw of Xandar when She witness the "Guardians of The Galaxy" and became a fan. But She Did Not Know That A Familiar Face is one of the Guardians and When Thanos's Brother The Murder of Her Father is after her. The Guardians Come and Gets Her From Xandar even Though one of the Guardians dislikes her. What Will Happen To Lela? The Outlaw of Xandar Lightning Star is with The Heroes of Xandar. What Will Bring For Her? Find Out In "GUARDIANS The Outlaw of Xandar"


13. Thane Your a Murderer!

rdians You Have Someone I Want if you were wise I would give her to me" Thane's Voice said "No We Know You Want To Kill Her and You Can't Have her" Rocket says and I sign "THANE! YOUR A MURDERER" I screamed and I heard a laugh "Your Father was a threat to the galaxy and you are to... You and Drax are the last 2 standing of the real but unreal Bio Humans and I will kill you to" he said and I was getting mad. "You are An AssHole Thane and I will make sure you don't kill no one ever again!" I said mad and Their Ship started to rumble and rumble and My skin was burning. "My Dad is Dead and I cried every night. You Killed my Dad and Planted a Cancer in my mother. Thane Your A Murderer and you will pay for your crimes on Earth with the highest sentence of them all and that's Death" I said and screamed as one side of Thane's ship had smoke all around it "Sir The Ship is on fire" One of Thane's Men said. "For Treason on Earth you shall pay" I said and fell to my knees. Thane's ship blew up. I passed out "My Daughter You Have Revenged Me Thane is Dead and I am Proud of you... My Daughter" I Heard a voice say and I smiled  "Lela...Lela...Lela!" Peter's Voice Screamed I woke up and Jerked up as The Face of Peter looked at me "Are You Alright?" Peter asked and I nodded "Thane Ain't Dead he is floating in space with a face mask" Rocket says and I nod. "OK Then" I said as I saw his body coming here. I teleported him into a Jail Cell in The Klyn and Everyone Gasps. "Whoa...Where is He?" Peter asks and I giggled nervously "He's In the Klyn" I said and everyone was amazed "Wow your Talented"  Rocket said and I nodded "I Didn't Know I Could Do It My Self" I said as Peter and My hands intwined. "Lets Celebrate The Victory By Having a Party" Peter said and I nodded in agreement. "Yeah that would be fun!" I said "I am Groot?" Groot said and I looked at him "What's A Party?" Rocket said before I could translate for Groot. "When You Celebrate A Victory and Have fun dancing to music and other fun stuff" I said and everyone nodded in agreement. "Alright Then When do we start?" Gamora asked and I sign "First We Need Decorations... Then Music... Then A Cake" I said and everyone nodded. Me and Peter were looking for music to use for the Party... Gamora is baking a cake from my recipe book and Groot, Rocket, and Drax is doing decorations. "What about Hooked on a Feeling?" Peter asks and I smile "Sure Peter I Like That Song" I said and he smiled. After A Long time of Preparation and Hard work everything for The party was done. I smile as I had a Surprise song for everyone that I loved. "OK Everyone I Have A Song for all of y'all" I said and breathed 


OMG What song is it? Any Idea's if so Comment... And Please tell me!   







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