Guardians Outlaw of Xandar

Lela Raine is a Human that had lived on Xandar who was born on Earth... She was 10 when Nova Prime took her on Xandar after her Father was Murdered. 20 years later She was Lightning Star Legendary Outlaw of Xandar when She witness the "Guardians of The Galaxy" and became a fan. But She Did Not Know That A Familiar Face is one of the Guardians and When Thanos's Brother The Murder of Her Father is after her. The Guardians Come and Gets Her From Xandar even Though one of the Guardians dislikes her. What Will Happen To Lela? The Outlaw of Xandar Lightning Star is with The Heroes of Xandar. What Will Bring For Her? Find Out In "GUARDIANS The Outlaw of Xandar"


4. My Knife Drax

We were heading to The Klyn a Prison in Xandar to talk to some of the Prisoners. To Find Out What Thane's Plans might be. Some of Thane's men were threw in jail for Treason against Xandar. We were in the Prison when everyone except me Stiffened at a man "You Might Be Guardian Drax but remember where you come from" A Bald weird looking alien said. "Moloka Dar Sush" Drax Said but the man nodded no. "You Took My Knife Drax... My Favorite Knife" Moloka Dar said "A Knife? Really You are just pathetic Moloka" I said and he looked at me "And Who are you? New Meat?" he asked and I laughed "No I'm With Them" I said and he laughed "Wow Just Keep's Getting Better" He said and tried to attack me. I dodged and grabbed his hands and twisted his arms "I wouldn't try that again Moloka" I said and he was in shock "How? Your Like Quill A Human" He said and we all laughed "No I am Half Human and Half What Ever Drax is" I said and he was shocked "What? Half Like Drax? How?" He asked and I shrugged "Born Like This" I said and he left shocked. "There They are" I said pointing to Purple men talking and looked up shocked "What are you doing here Lightning Star?" They asked and I laughed "Aw... You Remember Me That's So Sweet" I said sarcastically. "What are you doing here?" They asked again "We need information about Thane and Thanos" I said they were laughing. "Yeah Like we would tell you" They said and I laughed "IF You Don't Tell Us I Will Make You Feel The Pain Y'all Made Me Feel" I said and they looked at me in horror "Oh I Know Now Why Y'all Want Me Dead. But Now I Need More Info About Why They Hate People Like Drax, My Dad, and Me" I said and they laughed "They don't hate Drax... They Hate You And Your Father because Y'all Both Were Half Human and Half Experimented Human" They said and I was shocked. "What?" I said and Drax Signed. "Your GrandMother was Full Blooded of Human Experiment like Drax. She fell in love with your Grandfather and they had a Child which Killed your grandma. But Your Mom Had Cancer When You Were in her Stomach because of Thane and when you were born the Cancer spreadded and killed her when you were 5 I think. All Thane had to do was kill you and your father and Half Human half Experimented Human's Would Be Terminated." One of Thane's Men said and I was shocked. "My Knife Drax"  Moloka said and I Signed "It is Just a Stupid Fucking knife! Why Do You Need One?" I said mad my leg was burning up but I controlled it so I still looked human. "It Was My Knife... My Favorite Knife! I Loved That Knife" He said "Drax Can I see that knife?" I said and Drax looked at me and nodded and gave it to me "IF You Don't Shut Up about this Knife... I Will shove it up your Ass till you Bleed so when The Man of Death asks You HOW DID YOU DIE? you can say MY FAVORITE KNIFE KILLED ME" I said and Moloka ran "That Bitch is Crazy" He said and I gave Drax the knife back he laughed "You Did Good Kid" he said and I laughed "I'm 30 I'm No Kid But Thanks Drax" I said and We Left. This Was Going To Be a long Ride  but we had a feeling that we know what we are doing.

Hey Readers! I Wan't To Thank You For Reading This So Far! So What Did You Think of Lela scaring the Crap out of Moloka Dar? IF You Don't Know He IS He is The One That Said "That Was My Favorite knife" But Lela Threatened him to shove it up his Butt. Oh By The Way I Really Don't Cuss Much Only When I'm Mad or Confused. Please Comment :-)

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