Guardians Outlaw of Xandar

Lela Raine is a Human that had lived on Xandar who was born on Earth... She was 10 when Nova Prime took her on Xandar after her Father was Murdered. 20 years later She was Lightning Star Legendary Outlaw of Xandar when She witness the "Guardians of The Galaxy" and became a fan. But She Did Not Know That A Familiar Face is one of the Guardians and When Thanos's Brother The Murder of Her Father is after her. The Guardians Come and Gets Her From Xandar even Though one of the Guardians dislikes her. What Will Happen To Lela? The Outlaw of Xandar Lightning Star is with The Heroes of Xandar. What Will Bring For Her? Find Out In "GUARDIANS The Outlaw of Xandar"


7. A Happy Holiday

"Happy Holidays" Peter said and I smiled "Happy Holiday's Peter where is everyone?" I asked and he shrugged "Don't Know Rocket is flying the Milano." He said and that was unusual. "I Am Groot" Groot's Voice said behind me. "AND There's Groot" I Said but where was Gamora and Drax. "Where is Gamora and Drax?" Peter's Voice ask "Drax is in his room and I Don't know where Gamora is... She didn't leave the Milano so look in her room" Rocket's Voice said and Peter came back and knocked on Gamora's Door "Gamora You IN There" Peter said. Silence then snoring Peter laughed "She's asleep" I asked and Peter nodded "Most Likely" Peter said and We sat down on the Couch. "Some Holiday" I said and he nodded "That's How it is here for Them" Peter said "I...Am...Groot" Groot says and I think he meant "What's A Holiday" but I was guessing "Rocket What He Say" Peter said and Rocket came in "Put The Auto Pilot on. OH Groot Said What's A Holiday" Rocket said and was shocked I guessed write. "A Holiday is something Human's do... When You hangout with Friends and Family and Cherish the good times and be thankful" I said and Rocket laughed "Sounds Like Thanksgiving to me" Rocket said and I nodded. "That is one of the Human's Holiday hold the fourth Thursday of November" I said and Groot looked at me "I...Am...Groot?" He asks he meant "What is November" and Rocket looked at me "He said What is November" Rocket said and I nodded "The 10th Month of every year on Earth" I said and Groot nodded. "I Am Groot" He said Meant "Thank You Lela" I Nodded "No Problem Groot" I said and everyone gasps "You Knew what he said" Drax said and I nodded "I Guess So" I said and looked on my phone for the Date. Which Holiday was it was New Years Day. 2015 was A Year I Met the Guardians but 2016 is a New Time Era. Soon I Will Be 36 and so will Peter Quill. 6 Years since the Guardians Arose in 2010... "Hey Peter Happy New Year of 2016" I said and he nodded "January The First of 2016" He said and I Laughed "Yup" I said smiling. I was in a better place with My Friends and This is A New year and I get to now them better than Ever. I was so happy and I was in The Milano With Peter Quill My Best Friend Since 1985 The Year We Met. Things Has Changed Since Then and I was so Happy and This Will Be New Timing For Everyone. We Need To Find Out What Thane's Plans are and Stop him before it is to late. He wanted me dead because I was a freak of nature like my dad. I was born like this and so was my dad and now I had to worry. A New Year of messing up, A New Year where I might die in, A New Year to fall in love, A New Year with new possibilities and I Hope dying ain't one of them. "Where landing on  Xandar" Rocket said and I nodded. Xandar was a good planet to be on... A Very Calm Sudden Planet Where The Guardians saved many lives. I was worried but I stayed calm as we walked to Nova Prime's Home. "Guardians? What Are Y'all Doing Here?" She said and Signed.  




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