Protector of the Forest

Competition entry :3

For both cover, and 3 drawings which are entries for the lore and picture part of this competition


1. Stage 1

The wind rushed through her hair as she stepped slowly through the pine trails of the forest. There was a feeling of doubt in the air as the deafening silence informed her something was wrong. No birds flew in the sky, no creature dared to move. Something dark was at work, and the whole forest felt it. A small shiver ran down her spine. What was it now?

For centuries she had followed these paths, shared her life with the nature she protected. It had only been the past few years where there was disruption and unrest. Dark forces had threatened her forest and livelihood. The mysterious strangers had brought about nothing but disruption and fire that burned the trees and destroyed life after life. She felt each fall of the tree in her heart, as if she was the tree herself.

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