BoyxBoy one shots

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My part 1 of my one shots for Boyxboy.
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6. Home Alone


"Here's the rules while me and your father are gone. First, go to school and come straight home. Second, no party. And third, keep the house clean." That old woman said.

She knows damn well that I wouldn't throw a damn party. And she always tries to make me a bad son in front of my dad. I wish my real mom was here so she can beat that ass.

My mom can't see me because of some problems with her past life, and my dad forbid her to see me. But that was ten years ago, and now in seventeen. She can see me now. But my dad don't think I am ready. Okay, she might have smoked illegal things and did a little bow chicka bow wow with a couple of guys for money, but she is over that.

An for my dad, he's a businessman for a high paying company. So I don't know how my parents meet, when they are the complete opposite. But that old woman and my dad met at a meeting. Stupid I know. And they have a son together and it feels like they are leaving me out. But who cares anyway? Me? Hell yeah!


"Xzavier. So my dad is gone this whole week, and he is taking that old hag. So I was wondering if you want to stay over with me?" I asked Xzavier. He's my best friend, well was. We are going out actually. And we were disgusted at first, but we got used to it.

It first started when his girlfriend broke up with him. And I told him to forget her, and forget all girls. Then I told him to try me instead. I was just joking, and I was just running my mouth like I always do. But now it's like, I have done the best thing.

"What about your little brother?" He responded back, we were in the classroom, and he put down his pencil after he finished is worksheet.

"Don't worry about him, he's going to a friends house. Apparently that bitch don't trust me."

"I wouldn't trust you."

"Well forget about that. Do you want to come?" I asked him, hoping that he would say yes.

"Alright I'll go. But you gotta do me one thing before I go." He said back.

I wondered what it was, before I responded aback to him. And nothing came to mind. "What is it?"

"Come do my math homework before we split off."

"Really that?!"

"Man, I have a twenty in the class."

"Because you always skip that class."

"And now you know why."


"Les! Come down and eat!" the old carpet rug called me.

"I don't want to. I'm going out with friends to eat!" I responded, putting my shoes and walking down the stairs at the same time.

"No you are not! Your father and I are leaving tomorrow and we are going to eat together as a family tonight."

"It's not like you are never coming back. You're both coming back at the same time next week. And tonight is something important. So I'm going."

"Les sit down and eat with us." My dad insisted.

"Like I said it is important." I told him.

"More important than us?"

"Well not you. . . But it's for Xzavier. You understand."

He looked at me and gave a huge sigh. All he knows is that he was my best friend for a very long time. "Alright you can go. But you have to be back before eleven o'clock."

I nodded in agreement. Overjoyed. Before I ran out I gave Xzavier a call and told him to meet me at the parking lot behind the school.


"Why you call me this late?!" Xzavier complained.

"Because I needed an excuse to get out of the house."

"If that's all then I'm going home."

"No! I want to still hang out with you. . . I mean. Kiss, and . . . Other stuff."

He kept walking closer while I took a step back, until my back touched my car. He combed my hair with his fingers, and sucked my ear. I accompanied him by groping his ass and fondling his crouch.

He pulled back and smiled. "We can take it a step forward when your parents leave okay?"

"But I don't want to!" I whinnied as I pulled him back to me.

"Well if we do it now then you are the bottom."

"But we already agreed that you are the bottom when we finally do it."

"Well then you have to wait until tomorrow then." He winked at me and kissed me on the lips.

I grunted and reached for his hand. Once I had his hand in my grasp, I whispered in his ear. "Okay, and once we start, I'm going fast and hard. And I'm not stopping."

He pulled back and stared at me. And in response I smiled and laughed.

He smacked me hard on my shoulder. "You bastard."


"Alright were leaving! Keep the house clean Les!" The pain in the ass said to me, her heels clanking the hard wood floor.

"Bye, dad!" I responded.

"Hey be nice!" My dad told me.

"Hope you have a safe drive dad." I said, ignoring what he just said.


"Love you dad!"

After they left I ran to my phone and called Xzavier.

"Hurry up and come. They just left."

"Alright! Jeez let me get my shit together."

"Well hurry!"

Once he arrived I hurried and opened the door before he had the chance to walk up my driveway.

"You horny motherfucker."

"I'll drink some water so don't worry."

We walked in my room and I pulled out my computer chair and sat.

"So should we watch some videos before we do the do?" I asked him, accompanied by winking.

"Okay first off, don't say 'do the do' second, we had sex with girls so I think we both got the idea. And third, we are not going to do it right away."

I smacked my lips and turned forcefully to face the screen.

"We don't have to do it."

"No no no! I'm sorry." I begged as raised my voice.

"Alright. Now since it's night time. We should watch a movie."

"What are you a girl or something?" I asked laughing."

"Alright! Strike two."


"One more strike and I'm out."

"I'm sorry."


We started to watch the movie. It was dark and the only light came from the television. I kept hesitating to hold him and to touch him, because I didn't want to ruin the mood. . . And get another strike. But then suddenly he started to kiss me on the side of my neck.

I cringed as his tongue glided on my neck. He sat on top of me, and guided his way into my mouth. I slid my hands up his shirt, moving my hands up and down his soft broad back.

Our breathing became harder, and our movements became sharper. I muted the tv and made my way to his jeans. I popped off the button and pulled 'it' out of his pants.

"Wa- wait. . . Let me think for a bit." He moaned as he tried to pull away from me.

"No. Let's go thru it all the way." I assisted.

He let out a small cry as I laid him down on my bed. He didn't need to touch me down there because I got hard just kissing him and touching him.

I took off his clothes and also mines. I reached over to my draw and pulled out my box condoms and lube.

I reached in the box and there was not a one in the box. "Umm. . ."

"Look in the front pocket of my jeans that you threw on the floor."

I picked up his pants and took out one.

Our mood was still on strong as I took some time putting it on. So apparently he thought I was a medium.

As I stuck the tip in, he screeched very loudly. The sound of his voice wanted me to continue.

Finally when he got used of me being inside him, I started to move. With every thrust he would let out a loud cry or grunt.

It lasted for a couple of minutes because he couldn't take it anymore. But I still got off.

"So next time. It might feel much better." I told him as I rubbed his back.

"I don't want there to be a next time."

"I told you we should have watched some gay porn."

"Les I swear after you rub my back, and when I can have the feels in my back back, I will strangle you."

"Well I hope your back stays like that then."


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