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13. Finally We Meet (on Wattpad)

This is little parts of Finally We Meet. It's about a boy who found out that his twin was stolen from the hospital right when they were born. And he is trying to find him so they can reunite. Please like and comment please!!! I only get like 4 or 5 likes but 67 reads. I like that but I would like some likes and comments. If you don't mind?

*Damian's point of view.

"I love you." He said to me.

"I love you too." I replied back.

"I'm so hungry."

"Hold on she is ordering a pizza."

"But I can't hold on 'til then, I am going to die."

I started to laugh. "Stop being over dramatic."

"I'm not being over dramatic. Can't you not hear my stomach growling?"

I tried to listen for it. "Nope I don't hear anything. And besides, a person can last a week without food."

Ghaw. It's to early for math right now. And I am different. I can't last two hours without food."

"Uh? You mean science?"

"Whatever. I need science to make me food."

"You know you are a different person when you are just waking up."

"I'm the same Samuel you fell in love with. Nothing had changed."

"Well I do think you soften up a little bit. Do you want some chips?" I asked him.

"Oh yes please. The big bag ones."

"Okay but it is going to ruin your appetite."

"No it won't."

"Okay, if you say so."

I began to walk in the kitchen, with Samuel still hanging on to me, getting dragged by me. When I finally got into the kitchen without falling over. I opened the cabinet to find no big bag but only small ones. I was confused because we just bought like five a couple of weeks ago. And I didn't have any, so I asked Debbi. "Debbi! What happened to the big bag of chips?!" While Samuel was whining over my shoulders.

"I gave the last whole bag to Zane!" She replied back.

"Okay!" I yelled to her. "Welp Samuel, looks like we are out."

"Noo! I want a big bag!" He said still whining.

"Why can't you get a small bag?"

"Because it goes quickly."

"You know you are going to get fat if you keep eating like you keep eating now."

"But you will still love me right?" He asked me. Making me feel like I'm on trial.

"Hehe, yea. But you can't ride me anymore. So that means you can't take the lead." I told him. Kinda dodging the bullet.

He squinted his nose and eyes. "I don't care." He told me, turning his head.

Samuel, Debbi, and I talked the whole time until the pizza man delivered our pizza. We mostly debated on things like. What is the best part of the Oreo, the cookie or the cream? Is Blue a boy or a girl? And which Supernatural fan-fiction couple go together the best? Dean and Cas, Dean and Sam, or Dean and Crowley. Sometimes we would go out of control and yell at each other and or threatening to murder each other. But after the pizza arrived we calmed down and destroyed it. After, Debbi left the room and came back minutes later with new clothes. "Alright I'm going now." She said heading to the door.

"Where are you going?" Samuel asked her.

"Oh, I'm going to 'comfort' my friend." She told him, winking her eye.

"Okay. . . Oh! Okay. Well have a good time."

"You both too."

"Oh we will."

After she left the house Samuel turned his head and smiled at me. "Let's do it." He said to me. "No." I said back.

"Why not? You were in a good mood before."

"Because, sex is different. My mind is everywhere right now."

"But I want it, so I'm going to get it."

"No. . . Now I'm going to my room I am tired."

He just gave me an evil stare while I was walking to my room. When I got in my room, I flopped down on my bed and got underneath the cover. And after a while Samuel came in and shut my room door. He walked over to my bed and slid his body on mine like a cat, letting his stomach touch mine. Then he gave me a passionate kiss, stuck his tongue in my mouth and slid his hands up and down my arm. 
"Stop." I said, pushing him away from my mouth. 
"Look." He started to say. "We haven't done it in awhile because of school or because your family keeps interrupting us. Now let's do it now, since we have the opportunity." He looked at me squeezing my arms. I let out a deep breath.

"Okay I get that but the situation that we are in. . . I don't think it's a good idea to do it yet." I told him.

"You are stressed out, so think of it as a stress reliever. Now let me take the lead all the way while you relax." He said lowering his body and unbuttoning my pants. He then pulled down my pants and underwear and began to suck my tip. I shuddered as I let out a small grunt. He noticed and laughed while I was still in his mouth. It tingled and I felt myself get hard in his mouth. 
Then he began to go deeper down, making me arch my back a little. I took his head and took control of the motion and speed. Making him gag because of how deep he went. I let him go so he could take a breather and then I did it again. After a few minutes he stopped and took his clothes off, and after took my shirt off.
Then he turned around, putting his ass to my face and inserted two fingers in him, letting me watch but not touch. He moaned and groaned, making me get more turned on. I grabbed his arms and attempted to roll him, but he quickly new my attentions and pulled away from me. "
No, it's my treat." He said, turning back around and kissing me. He suddenly grabbed my dick and put me inside him. He rocked back and forth making both of us shudder in pleasure. He then bounced on me, rolling his hips which made the bed go in our motion. His sweet voice made my mind go blank, and his movements made my body feel good. 
I finally went out of control and lifted my lower half with force, making him yelp and shudder. I kept going and going, in a good and fair rhythm. Making both of us feel good. 
I changed positions, and make him go on his back. And I went deeper inside him. Feeing his inside tighten around me. I went harder and faster until my body tightened up and I let go, unable to pull it out in time. 
"I'm sorry." I apologized, my breathing long and heavily. 
"Don't apologize and just go to sleep." He said back, satisfied, with a big huge tired smile on his face.

I just looked at him and smiled. Happy that we did what we did. And happy that he stayed by my side the whole way. But we still have more to go though, but with him, it won't be that bad.


*Zane's point of view

I was about to say something but the door creaked opened and a guy walked in. Allen gave me a look to keep quiet and walked towards the guy. Then he began to kiss him. I then copied what Allen was doing. After a while, the guy walk to the bed and made me sit on his lap. Allen was behind sucking on the back of his neck. He slid his hands up and down my leg making my heart race. I moaned as the feelings rushed to my groan area. His tongue pressing against the side of my neck. I couldn't open my eyes, feeling the pleasure. He moved to Allen, repeating the moves he did on me. Hearing his moans made me tingle. Making me love having sex with an older man. I gently guided his mouth towards mine, sticking my tongue, tasting the alcohol on his breath. He preceded to take Allen's shorts off.

"You." He turned to me. "I want some twin action." He demanded.

I looked at Allen, then I got on top of Allen and glided my hands up his stomach and sucked his nipples. Hearing him make such sounds made me shiver. Then I felt a warm body cover my back and my cock getting rubbed. I arched my back feeling the sudden pleasure.

"I didn't tell you to stop." He said to me, lowering his head to lick me from behind. I continued to kiss my twin all over.

He then yanked my head to his growing hard cock. Allen came forward and started to lick one side of it and I started licking on the other. We took turns sucking on the tip. And I felt guilty because I liked it. The feeling of a beating cock in my mouth was heart beating.

Then he pushed me down and suddenly I felt a sharp pain inside of me. I let out a cry, feeling every inch coming inside. I moved back and forth, trying to get used to the feeling. But he started before I got used to it. He started off hard, slamming into me. Making me jump forward. Allen came in front of me and started to kiss me. Roughly the guy bit my back. Making me yelp. Feeling the pain, I put my hand on his leg and squeezed. All that did was make him go faster. Letting him know I was feeling it.

He pulled me away to go to Allen. Jabbing himself without going slow. He cried out in pain. He kept going and going until he was satisfied. And released his bodily fluids on both of us.

I was tired, spreading my body out on the bed.

"Your time is up!" A male sounding voice said.

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