Editorial Masks

Om de masker vi hver eneste dag bærer rundt på


1. 1


I’m a clown who can’t wash off his makeup

Constantly putting on new masks

Adding to the layers of smiles

and fabricated satisfaction

Your real self is getting lost beneath

And no one bothers to dive in and find you

not even yourself


The masks is fitting perfectly

And you forget that you are wearing one

You forget yourself

You forget the heaviness of the masks

The artificial material against your true skin

The decreasing vision

The reduction of true feelings

The smell

The lack of air

The suffocation





A true reduction of character


The mask grows on you

And you forget the face you came with

The face you were once proud of


Everyone applauds your mask

A loud



But what do they know?

Their masks are blinding them

A mask they only wear because you wear a mask

you might as well have put it on them yourself


The applause is deceitful 

Its only the sound of fear

If you don’t applause their performance

Do they applaud your performance?

When your false-hearted character is on stage


We are all on the center-stage

Hidden behind masks

Covered in lies

And forever seeking for that next


Plastic applause


Getting down from the center-stage

Taking off the masks

Breathing fresh air again

Going for the silence

And fuck the applause

THAT’S when you start making waves

And THAT’S when people will once again

truly glaze upon you with awe


When everyone thrives for the 15 minutes of fame

It is the 15 minutes of solitude

That will make you shine 

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