Dear Diary,

A little diary where I'll either talk about my day or talk about something on my mind, maybe even a random topic. Who knows?


4. March 15, 2016

Dear Diary,


It's been a while. I originally started doing this for the dear diary competition, but I actually like writing in this when I can and when I got a lot on my mind. I haven't really been following the guidelines and rules for the competition like having, at least, one diary entry per week, but at this point, I don't really care. It's a nice time for me to just vent and let out what's on my mind.


Speaking of venting, I have a few things to get off of my chest. First off, my sister gave me a pair of leggings and now she wants them back so she can sell them to someone so that she can have enough money to go to Florida for spring break. She had multiple weeks to raise the money with her job, but as soon as she gets paid (which due to her bank, it's before payday), she's already spent all her money. Now with only 2 paychecks left, she wants to start saving, knowing it probably won't be enough. It just makes me mad that she gave me something as a gift and wants to take in back because she wants to go to Florida.


I won't go on to the next thing because I don't want to make this to long so I'm just going to leave it here. My quote of the day is "Life is not a dress rehearsal, it's the real thing so make it your best show."





P.S - All the quotes that I use are not my own, but one's that I have read and really liked. I do not claim them as my own at all. Sometimes I may rewrite them, but they are not my own and original quotes.



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