tattoos (liam story)

Mia is 19 she has a little sister named Maxine she lives by herself in a house she is a huge fan of one direction and Demi lovato she is training in cross fit. Se takes her little sister to a meet and greet with the boys and while she's there she becomes close with one of them.


6. Mexico

​"Mia lets go" I herd Maxine whispering to me. "if you are trying to wake up some one speak louder." We both laughed and walked out I saw Liam and walked to him he pecked my lips and smiled. "lets go to the hotel and we can get three rooms since we are six people you and me Niall and Maxine and Louis and harry." I agreed and we walked. I called a cars for rent company " hi can I get the dodge charger for a week, thank you ill pick it up in 15 min." I got off and walked to Paul and the guys. "I just rented a car" they nodded and left on our way we got the car and left to the hotel we got the rooms witch the guys got mad at me cuz I paid. "you shouldn't have paid for everything Mia" I laughed. Me and Liam got into one of the rooms. He laid on the bed and i laid on him with my cheek pressed towards his chest. "you are so comfortable " he nodded and hugged me. " Liam Payne you are the best thing that has ever happened to me since cross fit" he smiled and kissed my head. He lifted me and made my face be in front of his "hi sexy " I pecked his lips " hello beautiful" I kissed him and he grabed my bum I cupped his face and kept kissing him. " ooh ooh look at you two" I kept kissing him and smiled. " I'm gonna get off now" I whispered in his ear. He nodded and I laid down next to him. " how did you guys get in here" "Paul said to bring your things here " I nodded and got up. "well I'm gonna go to the pool is anybody else coming" they nodded their heads no I went in the bathroom to change into my new swimsuit. When I came out I grabed my glasses and phone "bye guys" "no wait I'm going you didn't tell me you were going to wear that " the guys and Maxine laughed "aww Liam its okay to be jealous" "Lou I'm not jealous I just want them to know she's mine" I laughed and threw him a pair of swim shorts I had bought him. "aww harry look boo she buys him clothes" Lou said. "stop I'm serious" I smiled and they put their hand up in surrender. Liam changed and came out I couldn't stop staring at him"okay lets go " I nodded and we left. When we were there I sat next to him and we just talked. Untill a girl came " Liam I didn't think I'd see you here" "hey Danielle how are you" he hugged her. "umm Liam I'm gonna go swim" I said "ok" he said not looking away from her. I smiled and jumped in the pool twenty minutes later I got out and Liam wasn't there or his things "I felt a wave of anger flow over me" I grabed my things and left to the room. I got in and went straight to the bathroom I took a shower and got dressed in my booty shorts and crop top I came out and Liam was on the bed "Mia love the guys are going out with Maxine do you want to come" "now you see me, you left me at the damn pool by myself and left with your little girlfriend so go ask her to go" I said sitting on my bed. "Mia are you serious she's not my girl and she just wanted to catch up on things I'm sorry for ignoring you plus you were going to go by yourself in the first place" I stared at him. "what if I told you I was going to go with you somewhere and ditched you to go with my ex boyfriend goodnight Liam" i grabed a blanket and slept on the couch. "im going out with Maxine and the guys i invited Danielle" i herd the room door open and close i starts to cry I ran to my bag and got my razor and got one of the blades I put it to my arm and made three cuts "I love him so much but I'm losing him and we have only been dating for less than a week." I cleaned the blood and put band aids I put the blade away and got on the couch. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Liam p. O. V.

​i was having such a good time we had a couple of drinks except for Maxine but she didn't mind the smell. We whent to a club close to the hotel. I went to the bathroom and when i got out i saw Danielle walking back she got close and hugged me " i miss you" she said before she pressed her lips on mine i kissed me but i kissed her back. "Liam wat the hell why would you do that to Mia" i pushed Danielle off and Maxine grabed Danielle by her arm and pulled her out to a cab. She walked back to me and said "I'm not telling her but you better because if she finds out bye someone else all hell will break loose" i looked down and i started to walk to the hotel with the guys and Maxine behind me. "do you think she'll leave me.?" I asked Maxine "i need to tell you about her umm she used to self harm because she was insecure" i ran to the hotel and up to our room to see Mia sleeping on the couch i got to her and shook her "Mia we need to talk"

​Mia p. O. V.

​i woke up to Liams voice. " what is it Liam" I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I saw tears in his face " Liam baby what's wrong" " I didn't mean to I was kind of drunk and we were walking danielle kissed me and I didn't do anything to stop her I'm sorry" I was hurt yes but it hurt me more to see him like that "shh its okay baby come in not going to leave you in hurt yes but I'm glad you were honest with me." I draged him to bed and he got in with just his boxers I hugged him and he stopped sobbing " Mia I love you so much" I smiled and lifted his chin" I love you too baby" I kissed him and saw him fall asleep after he fell asleep I grabed the blade and made another cut. I put it away and walked to the bathroom.

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