The Valkyrie Chronicles: To The Stars

Michael Valkyrie and the crew of the USS Challenger explore into the depths of the Alpha Quadrant far away from home into uncharted space.


6. 6

They rematerialized in the transporter room and noticed Carrie was not there and Michael was about to speak till the transporter chief said, “Ms. Carrie is in sickbay sir, Arsenal gave me the coordinates to beam you out!”, the ship shuddered and the lights flickered and the chief said, “And you are needed on the bridge sir!”, Michael said, “Chloe, Petra get out of those hospital gowns and into your uniforms and report to your stations!  Ender get in the VerKa now!”, and they all ran off as the ship shuddered again.  Michael entered the bridge and saw more than a dozen tear drop shaped ships in front of them and each of them repeatedly fired on them and Gross said, “Sir shields are down to 50% and we are firing phasers but they only cause moderate damage!”, Michael said as he was able to reach his seat from another shudder, “What about torpedoes?”, Gross said, “They are easily able to dodge them!”, Michael closed his armrests and pressed a button and said, “Ender are you in the gundam?!”, Ender said, “Yes sir!  Moving out!”, the VerKa gundam jumped onto the top of the saucer section as dozens of Tzenkethi ships surrounded the Challenger and a few of them at a time were firing on the ship till the VerKa appeared.  Ender then had the suit run forward as he drew his beam saber and as the ships fired on him he swung his beam saber and intercepted their shots till he reached the edge of the saucer section and he fired his rear rockets and thrusters and leapt off the edge of the ship with his sword raised and kicked in the nose of the first ship and it flew back as Ender swung his saber and cut off the nose of another and punched its hull and it spun away as well and the ships turned their fire on him but Ender quickly dodged or incepted their fire and repeatedly sliced off the noses where their weapons are firing from and either kicked or punched them causing each ship to spin or fly away out of control.  Petra appeared on the bridge and assumed her station and watched as Ender fought and Michael said, “Ms. Arkanian your boyfriend is doing very well if I say so myself.”, Petra smirked and said, “Thank You sir, that’s why I love him.”, Michael said, “Bring our ship hard about and continue firing phasers and torpedoes to give him some cover.”, the Challenger turned and both phasers and torpedoes fired causing some of the ships to explode as Ender started jumping on top of one Tzenkethi ship to another as platforms as he continued to disable them and the rest of the Tzenkethi retreated, Tu said, “Sir the Tzenkethi are calling for more reinforcements!”, Gross said, “Confirm, I read another two dozen ships approaching the ones retreating!”, Michael said, “Commander Wiggin retreat back to the Challenger on the double!”, the VerKa flew back to the ship and landed on both feet in the hanger bay as the doors closed and Michael said, “Ms. Arkanian ahead warp factor 6!”, Petra said, “Yes sir, course laid in and punching it!”, and the Challenger went into warp as the other ships started to approached but then stopped.


    The rest of the bridge crew sat back relaxed as Michael said, “Stand down from red alert but maintain yellow alert.”, Tu said, “Yes sir.”, Michael looked at Petra and said, “Punch it?”, Petra smiled as she still monitored the controls and said, “We are in a hurry sir.”, Michael said, “Groovy.  I like it.”, Petra said, “What is our heading?”, Michael said, “Stay on this course for awhile.”, the Challenger eventually encountered what they would call The Badlands as Gross was able to find a safe passage as they ventured through.  Gross said, “Sir long range scanners are inoperable, but I am detecting a star system ahead of us.”, Michael said, “Any life signs?”, Gross said, “None on the planets but I do detect a station that has the features of a trading post.  Science divisions 2, 3 and 6 are analyzing the station and system now and have already called it Alpha 441.”, Michael said, “Well they’re eager to name systems fast, especially with boring names.”, Gross smiled and said, “I’ll be sure to tell them that sir.”, the ship then shuddered violently and the lights flickered and Michael pressed a button on his armrest and said, “Arsenal what’s going on?”, voice, “Sir this is Lt. Commander Valez, Mr. Arsenal is still in sickbay with Carrie.”, Michael frustrated said, “Alright just tell me what’s going on.”, Valdez said, “An electrical discharge from outside the ship struck our port nacelle and caused a flux in the warp engines.  Sir I recommend we leave cause if that discharge was any stronger it would knock out primary power and cause our engines to short out.”, Michael said, “Thank You commander.”, and he looked at Gross and said, “Commander how far are we out of The Badlands?”, Gross said, “Don’t know sir, too much interference.”, Michael said after a short pause, “Helm, bring us about the way we came.”, Petra and some of the crew turned to look at him as Petra said, “Sir, that would take us back where the Tzenkethi’s are no doubt waiting for us.”, Michael said, “I’m well aware of that Lt. Commander.”, and Petra said, “Yes sir, turning around.”, Michael said, “Ms. Gross have all weapons and security divisions on stand by in case our friends are waiting for us.”, Gross said, “Yes sir.”, they continued back the way they came and everyone was tensed as they approached the edge till once they exit The Badlands and no ships were waiting for them.  Gross told Michael she does not detect any ships as far as her scanners detect and Michael ordered Petra to head back but go around the system before they made contact with the Tzenkethi’s and continue northeast.  They continued their journey as they passed a star system that was called the Delof system but with no habitable planets till they Gross found a star system with one class M planet but no humanoid life and Michael ordered Petra to make course to that system.

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