The Valkyrie Chronicles: To The Stars

Michael Valkyrie and the crew of the USS Challenger explore into the depths of the Alpha Quadrant far away from home into uncharted space.


10. 10

Once repairs were completed Michael thanked the Talarians and Ka’lor said, “I have been told to tell you that from what our officials have seen they have decided to extend our hand in friendship to the Federation and hope to create an alliance whenever you send a representative over to discuss a treaty.”, Michael thanked him and hoped to see him again in the near future and then the Challenger warped out into deep space.  They end up stopping at another star system called Garon and found a habitable planet with life but no humanoid or intelligent life.  Michael sent Chloe, Carol and two security guards to the surface but once they were transported Gross said, “Sir I have two more of those Hegemony warships approaching us at high speed!”, Michael said, “Notify the away team about our situation and we are going to confront them before we come back and beam them out.”, Tu notified the away team and the Challenger left orbit.  Chloe acknowledged and they began scanning the vegetation till Carol called out to her and Chloe and the security team came up on the rocks and saw a 19th century like village and Carol said, “I wonder why the ship didn’t detect them?”, Chloe said, “Let’s go and greet them.”, they walked down to the village where they saw a wall of upright logs and two guard towers and Chloe said, “I am Warrant Officer Valkyrie!  We come in peace!  Please don’t...”, one of the security guards yelled, “Ms. Valkyrie!”, and he jumped in front of her as he was shot directly in the forehead by one of guards in the guard towers.  The other guard fired his phaser hitting the guard in another tower as he raised a musket and he fell off the tower screaming as the wooden doors to the village opened and the rest of the away team (with Carol carrying the dead guard’s body) ran back into the woods firing their phasers behind them creating small flashes of fire on the walls and hitting the ground causing the villagers with muskets to run for cover.  Once they are deep into the woods Chloe drew her swords and had the rest of the away team hide behind a pile of rocks and Chloe told Carol to stay put and keep the communicator open so the Challenger will beam them back while she keeps the villagers off their backs.


    The villagers had a solid bone ridge from their nose to the top of their head and wore hunting gear like duck hunters in the 20th century earth time and five of them ran into the forest hunting the away party.  Chloe ducked from tree to tree and other coverings hiding from the hunters and when one looked over a rock between two trees Chloe beheaded him from behind the rock.  She then rolled away and hide behind another tree and when a hunter started running by she  kicked him in the face and he flipped backwards passed out and she dragged his body into some bushes and covered him up.  She then went up a tree and when a hunter came by she jumped on top him running one of her swords through his back.  When she got up though a hunter came behind her and hit her in the back knocking her to the ground, he then flipped her over and held her down while he pulled his knife out to stab her but Chloe was able to free her left arm and hold his knife at bay but still slowly closing in at her heart.  Chloe then began squirming her left foot out of there boot and was able to knee him in the balls making both her legs free, wrapped them around his back, flip him, and shoved her right hand in this throat, and took his knife and stabbed him through the mouth.  Then her communicator went off and she answered it and Michael said, “We have your position standby.”, and she dematerialized.  When Chloe appeared in the transporter pad she saw Michael was waiting for her and she put her swords away and she said, “Where are the others?”, Michael said, “At their stations and the dead guard is being stored till we return home.”, Chloe said, “What happened to the ships that we after us?”, Michael said, “We were able to lead them off.  So I guess that civilization is no where near ready to be part of the Federation?”, Chloe sarcastically said, “Oh yeah sure.  It’s like paradise down there.”, and Michael laughed as they left the transporter room.  The Challenger left orbit and proceeded to another system called 47 Cancri and as they scanned the planet they found the inhabitants on the fourth planet are going through an Industrial Revolution and the Challenger left the system and proceeded till they reached two star systems that were close together called Mariposa and Bringloid by the inhabitants when they scanned the inhabited planets with a bioscan and found out that Mariposa is suffering through a plague while Bringloid has the cure but has no transportation to send the medicine they need.  Michael ordered to send the Challenger’s shuttles to Bringloid V to help transport the medicine but ordered the crew of the shuttles to stay within them and to limit contact with the inhabitants with Crow supervising the exchange.  The Modified Galileo and travel pod shuttles traveled to the surface as Tu opened all frequencies and hailed the Bringloid’s of their intentions and the shuttles landed taking the Challenger’s crew by surprise as the inhabitants were already bringing the medicine and loaded them onto the shuttles.  The Mariposa’s acted the same way when they delivered the medicine and when their mission was over the shuttles returned and the Challenger left orbit and went to warp. 

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