The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Wrath of The Mandarin

On a ordinary observation mission Michael Valkyrie, his family and friends would come to face a threat that only Chloe's sister would only be able to confront, but is she strong enough to defeat him?


5. 5

Arsenal began repeatedly punching Red Hulk but he backhanded Arsenal and went crashing into the store next to them labeled “Joe’s Gun Shop” and it exploded.  The Mandarin chuckled villainously as he watched Carrie struggle and said, “Looks like you were easier than expected,," then there was a loud glass shattering sound as he looked up and saw Coldblood smash through one of the windows on the top floor and fired both his machine pistols at The Mandarin as he yelled only for The Mandarin to raise his hand and had a metal panel take the brunt.  Trunks then appeared swinging his sword only for The Mandarin to dodge it and he raised his hand and the sword flew out of Trunks hands and he was thrown back slamming his back to the side of a car.  Michael screamed and charged at the Red Hulk and punched him in the gut only to make him stumble and the Red Hulk just grabbed him like a doll and threw him into a store across the street smashing through shelves and fake walls till Michael slammed his head into the last one mad of bricks and fell face down unconscious.  As the fire raged in the burning store Arsenal’s eyes went out as his endoskeleton burned in the flames and The Mandarin said as he watched Carrie drowning, “This is what happens when you interfere when other worlds business.  Everyone that you loved.  Everyone that you cared about, dies,," Coldblood threw his machine pistols aside as he drew out a large blade and jumped behind The Mandarin with his blade raised and yelled only to be tackled by the Red Hulk as they both smashed into a parked vehicle.  In the meantime a larger M model powered up in Arsenal’s garage in the darkness and climbed into a black tanker rig and started the V8 engine.  The Red Hulk then picked up Coldblood and slammed his back to the pavement as he screamed in pain and the Red Hulk repeatedly slammed him crushing the street beneath his fist and Coldblood’s back.  The Mandarin said, “You see, there is no stopping it.  I will have the people of this world kneel before me, as I am the ruler of the Ten Rings,," Carrie then had her head down and looked limp and The Mandarin smirked and said, “I guess you are just a girl after all.  Pathetic and weak,," there was a low rumble and started to grow when they heard a sound of a large truck approaching from behind and Red Hulk stopped pounding Coldblood’s back and looked behind as did The Mandarin and they saw two red lights in the smoke and flames.  Then all of a sudden behind Carrie’s limp form all the manholes and drains fired flames towards them and The Mandarin looked back as the ground shook and heard a cry starting low and grew till Carrie snapped her head up revealing black orbs where hear eyes are and screamed making her hair fly back and the water surrounding her blew away and dowsed off some of the fires and The Mandarin was thrown back to the ground.  At the same time a black tanker revealed itself with its V8 engine roaring from the smoke and flames with a skull that made up the front of the rig with red headlights as the eyes and the Red Hulk saw a M-500A staring at him roaring as it drove and the Red Hulk threw Coldblood like a toy doll into the same building where Michael is and was about to charge till a large spike revealed itself from the mouth of the skull and Red Hulk tried to stop but was too late as it speared him in the stomach and the M-500A flew out of the windshield and it rolled in midair and fired a small missile from its right wrist and it struck the tanker causing it to explode and engulf the Red Hulk as the M-500A slammed its back into the pavement and grounded to a halt while the Red Hulk emerged from the flames and flew till its back slammed into the back of a tow truck where it smashed to the car in front of it with the large bladed spear still imbedded in the Red Hulk’s stomach.  


    The Mandarin shoved his right fist and a jet of fire issued forth at Carrie but as she hovered in the air the jet stopped and hit an invisible barrier before her and The Mandarin stood up and flexed his right arm as he fired a full blast but Carrie hovered unwatered and she shoved both her hands forward and the flames fired back making a small explosion as The Mandarin was thrown back again.  The M-500A then stomped towards Red Hulk and tore the crane back as the cable was already around the Red Hulk’s throat and it tightened as he tried to pull the cable away and growled in the process as it looked up at the M-500A and said, “Who are you?”, the M-500A said, “I’m the Arsenal.”, and Arsenal roared as he suddenly pounded both his giant fists on the Red Hulk’s face violently and repeatedly till blood flew in the air and the back of the tow truck was crushed into the ground making the rear tires pop and the pavement crumble underneath till Arsenal stopped and there was no face or head left of the Red Hulk.  The Mandarin looked back and saw Arsenal smash Red Hulk’s face in and knew he was dead as he stood and looked back to see Carrie was suddenly before him and made a sudden short scream and he was thrown back again slamming his back into the side of a car behind him and reeled in pain as Carrie was walking towards him till suddenly he threw up his left hand and a bright light emerged blinding Carrie and Arsenal till it vanished and Carrie looked back to see The Mandarin was gone.

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