Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


10. Chapter Ten; Wolfsbane Poisoning


"We need to get out of here." I say quickly starting the car, 

"Stiles." Lydia's says in a brittle voice, "He's not alone." I turn too see Donovan stood on the sidewalk beside him were a girl and a boy both with their claws out. "What does he want?" I didn't want to tell her at first but knew I had to, 

"I don't want to scare you Lydia." I said placing my hand over hers, "But I think he wants you." She remains quiet, staring helplessly out of the window without letting Donovan or his minions out of her sight. 

"Should I call somebody?" She finally said, "Scott? Sarah? Malia?"

"Not now, first we have to get a good distance away from them." I slammed my foot down on the acceleration setting off at a quick speed, Lydia starts nervously playing with the charms on her necklace I bought her. 

"And what about if they follow us?" She turned to me without any expression on her face, she was right, they would probably try and follow us but we have the advantage of a car. "I mean, I have claws but I don't know how to use them!"

"You might want to have them out just in case." 

"That's another problem, I don't know how to do that..."

"Well than how do you know you have claws?" 

"Atticus, He like pried my hand open and boom..." 

"Ok, I remember me and Scott had to teach Malia, You have to kind of open your hand but try not to think about it too much." I turn to her for a second as she nods her head and closes her eyes, She takes a deep breath and curls her hand up into a tight fist, she takes another deep breath and releases her hand from the fist. She opens one eye at a time and squeals with excitement. 

"I did it!" I look at her face, She looks like a little kid in a candy store. I smile and chuckle too myself, 

"Your very special, I have a no claw rule in my jeep but just for today.. your an exception." I wink at her and her face drops. "What?" 

"Look..." She points ahead to a clear road, there in the middle stood Donovan and the other two. "What should we do?" 

"I'm just gonna drive straight through them!" 

"You could kill them!"

"That was the plan!"

"You could damage your jeep!" 

"I'm not letting them take you Lydia!" 

"What if it's just a misunderstanding what about if they don't want me..." 

"Well I don't wanna risk it!" I speed up, If I was going to hit Donovan, I wanted to make sure I hit him hard enough to kill him. Lydia closes her eyes and prepares for impact, Every second we got closer to them, they still remained still. 

3,2,1 I counted down. SMACK!

But instead of hitting him, he had done a delicate jump onto the windshield blocking my sight. Lydia opens her eyes and holds her breath, I could tell she was trying not to scream. I slam on the breaks causing Donovan to fall backwards, Lydia quickly pulls out her phone too call someone, 

"I'm calling Sara-" Her mouth was covered by a pale hand as she was dragged out of my jeep. She dropped her phone but lucky for us it was already dialing, I clicked speaker and heard Sarah's distinctive voice, 

"Yeah we need help!" I said, 

"Stiles?" Sarah says, I ignore her and try too get out of my jeep to help Lydia who was struggling too get out of Donovan's grasp, but my door seems to be jammed shut. I jump out of my skin as a hand slams against it, the girl who was stood next to Donovan now was holding my car door shut, I try climbing over too the passenger seat but the boy who was next to Donovan was holding that one. I try kicking, pushing even punching it but it was useless. I looked into Lydia's eyes but I didn't see fear, I didn't see sadness. All I saw was bravery, strength, independence and with Lydia Martin in our pack we would be unstoppable. As soon as her eyes glowed red I knew that Donovan didn't stand a chance, I knew that some anger would be released as the claws became sharper and teeth turned into fangs, Lydia was going too kill him. 

"Oh my god!" I screamed as Sarah smashed the girls face into the window of my car, "Nice to see you too Sarah!" I finally freed myself and ran too see Scott handling the other boy just fine, Lydia had Donovan by the throat up against a tree, She was doing pretty fine until he clawed her face making her fall backwards. My first instinct was to run to her but I was thrown back by Sarah who ran throwing her full body weight into Donovan, they both crashed to the ground. Lydia jumped up, her face had healed completely. 

"Are you guys ok!" Scott said helping Lydia back into my car, 

"I'm fine." Lydia says, closing her eyes too rest. "I'm just a little shocked." 

"Don't worry about it, I would be if I was you." Scott smiled at her and turned just in time too see Sarah pummeling her katana into Donovan's chest. I jumped back into my car too sit with Lydia as Scott ran too help Sarah question Donovan on his dying breath. 

"Are you sure your fine Lydia. You look a little pale.." I turned too see Lydia throw her head back in pain, "Lydia?" 

"I don't know what's happening... He had something..a small purple flower.." Her eyes began too water and her forehead begins to sweat as she clenches her fists.   

"Wolfsbane." I say starting the car, "Scott!" I shout. Him and Sarah run over too the car immediately. "Donovan, he had wolfsbane. It's done something to Lydia, I don't know whats going on."   

"Ok calm down Stiles, Your heart beat it going a little to fast for safety. Drive too the animal clinic, Deaton is there, he'll be able to help her." I nod my head as they jump in the back seats. Lydia starts too groan and digs her own claws into her arm too try and distract her body from the other pain she was feeling. "Lydia, Don't scream.." Scott said, leaning forward too her. Sarah had a worried look on her face like she'd just seen a ghost. 

"Sarah, that look is not at all comforting." I say as I fly through a red light. 

"I'm sorry.. Just thinking about what Donovan said." She bit her lip and pulled out her phone as it rang, "Malia, I cant talk right now. I'm kind of in a bad situation and we need to get Lydia too Deaton as soon as possible,  So.. Yeah ok you can meet us at the Animal Clinic." Sarah ended the call. 

"So, Are you gonna tell us what Donovan said." I said intrigued. Sarah held tightly too Scott's hand, 

"He was an alpha, he had a pack... His pack is going too track us down for killing their alpha and apparently they are going too kill us all." We took a moment for her words too sink in, it was silent until Lydia let out a small scream, it wasn't her loudest but it still cracked the passenger window. Sarah comforts her and assures me she's ok, 

"So what.. we can handle Donovan's pack! Our pack is made up of what two werewolves, one human, one kitsune, one chimera, and whatever the hell Lydia is!" 

"She's a chimera also!" Sarah said, "Hayden told me she sensed it herself." 

"Great so that's two chimera's." Scott said resting a hand on Sarah's shoulder, "And we also have Derek Hale, he's a werewolf." 

"Stiles, I think it's time for you too learn how to fight." Sarah said sighing, "I would teach you myself but I'm afraid my kitsune power will become far too strong." 

"Then we'll ask Derek too teach me, He could also help Lydia right?" I say, I move my hand onto Lydia's and squeeze it tightly. 

We arrive at the Animal Clinic, Deaton has the door already open for us, I pick Lydia up bridal style as she continues too groan in pain. 

"Put her on the table." Deaton said, Scott clears the table as I lie her down. "Who is this girl?" 

"Her name is Lydia Martin, She just moved here." I say moving little bits of hair from her face, "She's a chimera, part werewolf and part banshee." 

"Martin? I could already associate that name with banshee's." Deaton says whilst collecting medical supplies from around the room. "Her grandmother was one I believe." I nod my head and pick up Lydia's hand so I could hold it but she pulled away. I knew why as Malia entered. 

"God she looks terrible what happened too her?" Malia actually looked concerned for once. 

"Wolfsbane poisoning." Scott said, holding Lydia's legs down as she started too kick in agony. "Deaton you can help her right?" Deaton shrugged. 

"I have never dealt with wolfsbane poisoning on a chimera before normally I deal with pureblood werewolves." 

"Well aren't they the same?" 

"No necessarily, Chimera's have two sets of DNA, What one could need, the other could despise." 

"Just try anything..." I say running my fingers through my hair, I feel Malia squeeze my shoulder in comfort. 

"She'll be ok." Malia kisses my cheek and links her fingers through mine smiling. 

"I'm going too need all of you to hold Miss Martin still." Deaton said whilst holding a syringe. "This is gonna hurt.. a lot." 

"What is that?" Scott said whilst holding Sarah with one arm around her waist, "Could it kill her?" 

"Possibly, but I'm hoping it's doesn't." Malia and Sarah hold Lydia's legs whilst me and Scott hold her arms. "It's a mixed concoction of ingredients,  including mistletoe which could harm a werewolf but cure a banshee.. It's a big risk but it's worth taking for your friends life especially someone like Lydia." With those words, he slowly injected into her neck. 

"She looks like she's about to scream!" Sarah says, she had no trouble holding Lydia down. Malia on the other hand was struggling. "Malia, do you need help?" Malia shook her head and after a couple of seconds took a kick to the face, Sarah met eyes with Scott as they both try to contain their laughter I could tell.   



It hurt for a few seconds but the pain past and I managed too sit up, I noticed Malia clutching her bloody nose, I could smell anger as Scott stood protectively in front of me, Stiles was holding Malia back and Sarah was in the corner of the room unable to contain her laughter. Malia became too strong for Stiles too hold and broke free of his grasp and looked at me like I was a piece of meat and she was a lion. 

"Malia, I'm gonna need you too calm down!" Scott shouts, I hadn't known Scott for long but I do know he is a brilliant alpha and a strong leader. I wouldn't mind being in his pack, "You know it was an accident.. Lydia would forgive you just the same if you accidentally kicked her."  

"Well will she forgive me for accidentally ripping her apart!" Malia grabbed Scott by his collar and Sarah immediately jumped into protective girlfriend mode, wielding her katana and holding it to Malia's throat.

"Let him go." Sarah demanded, stomping her foot. "Or I won't hesitate too push this blade through your neck." I curled up into a ball, knees tightly pushed to my chest. I wasn't fully away of what was happening, but I knew it wasn't good. I had never seen Sarah with such anger in her eyes, she meant every word, every threat she said too Malia. Her and Scott had a love that everyone must crave.  

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