Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


18. Chapter Eighteen; Blood For Blood


"Wanna dance?" I whisper too Sarah who nods and takes my hand leading me to the dance floor which was beside the pool, Max had some money. I had too keep a close watch on Sarah, She was gorgeous and I knew other guys would be all over her. 

"So, The last party we went too didn't really turn out well." 

"I know... but I guess Allison was brain washed and crazy so.." 

"You shouldn't talk about her like that." Sarah looked down too her feet, I cupped her chin and made her look at me. 

"I'm sorry." I say softly before kissing her lips, I broke the kiss too look behind Sarah. "Oh great." She turned around too see what I was looking at. 

"If Max is with Lydia.. where's Stiles?" I look around until my eyes catch an unhappy Stiles alone leaning against a pillar by the other side of the pool. 

"Found him, You go get Lydia, I'll get Stiles. We won't let other people get in our way of this ship!" I kiss Sarah's head and we separate. 


"Buddy!" I say throwing my arm around Stiles shoulder, "What happened? Why aren't you with Lydia?" 

"I was about too ask her if she wanted too dance but it's like Max heard me and ... he just whisked her away." 

"Well..." I say making him walk forward with me, "Let's all dance together, the four of us." 

"Thanks daddy..." He says putting both hands on his cheeks, I raise an eyebrow. 

"Your still calling me that?" 

"I stick by dares." 

"Who dared you too call me that?" 


"Of course, anyway let's go hopefully Sarah was successful." 



"Lydia!" I say too her and she turns too face me, 

"Oh hey!" She had a small bottle of Jack Daniels in her hand, 

"Are you going too drink all that by yourself?" 

"Oh course not.. Me and Max are sharing it." She turns back to him but I spin her back around. 

"Come on, Me, You, Scott and Stiles are going too dance together." I grab one of her arms but Max manages too grab the other. 

"I'm sorry sweetheart, she already has someone too dance with." He snapped, he pulled Lydia towards him but I pulled her back. 

"But your half the fun.." I snapped back sharply, "Now let her go." 

"Why don't you run along back too little Scott eh." He tugged Lydia once again but I tugged her back. 

"I'll run back too him but I'll be taking Lydia with me. Now don't make me ask twice, I hate asking twice." 

"What are you going too do, hit me? You wouldn't want too break a nail." 

"I'll break more than just your nail in a minute."

"Are you threatening me?"

"It will be more than a threat if you don't let go of her." 

"You can't threaten me in my own home." 

"You can't harass a girl in my presence." 

"Your taking too a boy who could murder you and frame it as a suicide." 

"Your talking too a girl who would plunge a katana right through your chest in front of everyone and take my time in jail with pride." I gave Lydia one last tug freeing her from Max's grasp. "Now.. excuse us." I walk away with my arm linked through Lydia's. "Promise me you won't talk too him again."

"But he-" 

"No buts Lydia, He's an asshole and if you'd have been drunk he would have taken full advantage." 

"Ok.. I understand but I could defend myself." 

"Well it didn't look like you were trying." 

"I will next time, I promise. Now what do you need?" 

"We are going too dance altogether... Me, you, Scott and Stiles." 

"You know I'm not one for dancing." 

"Oh well, just go a little crazy." I started walking but Lydia stayed still, frozen. "Lydia?" She turned slowly around too face Max who was on the phone talking too somebody. 

"He.. he's talking about us." She whispered. 

"What's he saying..." 



"I told you Harriet, I had her and then another bitch took her away..."

"Well then try harder and try again." 

"I can't, I need help. Where are you guys." 

"We're circled all around your house. Nobody can get leave anymore." 

"Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean what if the police-"

"We can take them out too." 

"Why are we doing this?" 

"They killed Atticus, Donovan, Claire and James, then it only took two of them too kill Bobby, Harry, Jackie and Lily! It's blood for blood in this world Max... they drew it first... now get the girl." 

"I think.. she can hear us." 


"She's staring straight at me!" 

I swiftly avert my eyes too not look at him anymore, What was this party going too turn out like, a blood soaked massacre? We need too get everyone out of here before it's too late. 

"Sarah, this is bad.. very..very bad." I still was facing Max, "Sarah.." I turn around too see she was no longer stood behind me. "Sarah?" I start pushing through people until I bumped into Scott. 

"Finally! Where's Sarah?" He asked, I couldn't speak. I didn't know what too say, I had no idea where she was?

"I don't know but.. Max was on the phone too somebody, I managed too hear their-"

"I don't care about some pathetic conversation, where's Sarah!" He snapped more harshly then usual. 

"Scott, Just listen too her." Stiles said pushing Scott further away from me. 

"He was talking too some girl named Harriet, She was saying how our pack drew first blood and their after us, they have cars circling the house so nobody can leave! I think their Donovan's pack." 

"Ok, You and Stiles keep check on the cars, My priority if finding Sarah." 

"I don't understand... she was standing right behind me, If somebody took her I would of noticed or heard it..." 

"If you were busy concentrating on Max's phone call usually your other senses turn off for a short period of time, Don't worry Lydia. It's not your fault we'll find her." Stiles rests a hand on my shoulder. 

"If I have too I will draw blood for Sarah's life." I stated too Scott who nodded his head. 

"I will do the same. Keep on the phone call..." Scott rang my phone so we could stay in contact when we separated just in case something went wrong. When we were a good distance away from each other he said through the phone, "I want you too start at the front of the house. Note down a description of every car you see." 

"Ok." I pulled Stiles into the house and out of the front door where we were greeted by three guys.. all with claws out. "Well shit." I sigh. Use their weakness too your advantage. Derek's words rung in my mind, I look each guy up and down, The first one had a bandage around his knee, the second had an eye patch on, the other was fine. I thought quickly before striking the first one in the knee making him fall to the ground, I pushed my thumb into the second ones eye so he couldn't see before swiftly punching him in the throat, kicking him back with my foot. I turn too the third guy, who struck me on my cheek, Stiles looked ashamed like he knew he had too do something but just couldn't. I throw him my phone and he puts it too his ear. 

"Yeah we need he-" He was cut off by the first guy slamming him against the wall at some force. 

"Stiles!" I shout but the third and second guy had me pinned down to the pavement, by the time I was free Stiles had been taken away in a car. I got out my claws slicing wherever I could, I cut one down his chest and the other across the throat. He started too bleed heavily but I couldn't care less, Scott soon was at the front door surrounded by the guests of the party observing me fight, I had too put away my fangs in order too hide what I really way.  

"EVERYBODY LEAVE!" Scott shouted clearing them all off too go home, "GO NOW GO!" They all obeyed surprisingly. I continued fighting the blind one but his other senses had certainly improved, he still knew where I was by sound and scent. 

"Don't leave! This is my party!" Max was shouting from the opposite side of the room, I didn't hesitate too shut him up. I jumped onto the table and off again too tackle him onto the ground, 

"Where the hell are they taking Stiles and where the hell is Sarah!" My hand was around Max's neck restricting his breathing. "If you don't tell me.. I'll rip your throat out." I loosen my grip and he takes a deep breath. 

"I don't know what the hell your talking about!" 

"Quit with the bullshit! You know I'm very good at telling when people are lying... your heartbeat increases, you talk faster.. simple things catch out a liar you really don't need a professional." 

"Fine! I'll show you.. but only you." He motions for Scott too leave but I shake my head. 

"He's my alpha, You talk to me you talk too him." Max stares at me, a cruel smirk on his face. 

"Then your friends are going too die..." I knee him in his gut making him gag. 

"We have a pack." I growl.

"Your easily outnumbered." 

"We also have ally's, Not many people like your pack... nobody liked Donovan." 

"Donovan's dead so that doesn't matter anymore!" 

"Who's your new alpha?" Scott bent down next too him. 

"I'm not telling you!" 

"Is it Harriet?" I say, raising my eyebrow. "You seemed too follow her orders." 

"So you did hear the phone call... what are you again, your not all werewolf." 

"It's non of your concern." I knee him in his gut again, "Now your going too take us too your pack or I'll kill you." 

"I may be a bad guy in your eyes but I am faithful and I'd rather die than give up my pack!" 

"So your pretty important, they respect you." I know where I am going with this conversation, I just hope Max doesn't. 

"I'm very important, Harriet relies on me and only me. I'm strong, I'm an advantage." 

"So.. She would come searching for you if you went missing." 


"Good, Shall we test that theory?" I pull him up by his collar and Scott holds his hands behind his back tightly, "If your so important, we'll use you for trade.. that is of course if your alpha really cares or she may just be using you." 

"Watch your mouth.. You wouldn't want too say something you'll regret." 

"Like what, Your alpha is a bitch who needs too keep your claws off of my friends before I tear them off one by one." I shove him, "Get him our of here." Scott nods and takes Donovan out too Stiles jeep. I close my eyes too try and trigger some sort of sense, All I can see is darkness but when I open, I see one thing stand out. A small dagger sticking out of the sofa. It was Sarah's, I go out too grab it but as soon as my fingers touch it...everything goes black once again.

"This is called a Cold Steel 80PSSKXL Shanghai Warrior Dagger." 

"Do you think.. maybe you can teach me how to fight with weapons?"

"I would be happy too, but if I am going too teach you, I first want you too study them, Theory before Practical!"

I gasp for air as my eyes open too a blank ceiling. Theory before practical? Why did I have too remember that? I didn't realize memories could be triggered by objects too. I stand up slowly, my body achy,  I walk out of the front door too see Scott tying Max's hands together with duct tape.

"Lydia? Did you find anything?" Scott shouts too me but I shake my head. 

"Nothing but this dagger, it triggered a memory though."

"A memory?"

"It's a banshee thing."

"Explain later, right now we need too find Stiles and Sarah." 

Theory Before Practical.

"I think we need to plan.." 

"Plan? There's no time."

"But it's the best thing too do. We don't want too walk into the practical without any theory of what too do." Scott pauses for a moment too take in my words. 

"I guess your right." He jumps into the drivers seat and holds up some keys, "Stiles always has a spare set." I jump into the passenger seat, Sarah's dagger tightly in my grasp. Max was in the back, he couldn't go anywhere nor could he move which made the car ride much more comforting. "We should call Malia, She'll freak." 

"Liam and Hayden also, we need as much help as possible." 

"Then I'll also call Derek, Peter and Cora." 

"Cora is Derek's sister right?" Scott nods his head. "Ok then yes, We need their help also." I turn too Max. "You. Your helping us." I rip the tape from over his mouth. 

"I'm not helping you for shit." SMACK! I punch him straight in the nose, blood started dripping from it.

"Your helping us." I stated firmly, "Your helping us if you want your precious alpha too live."  




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