Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


32. Chapter 32; Voices


"Why don't we all snuggle up in blanket, watch a movie, order pizza and stuff." Malia said sitting on a chair opposite me, 

"I don't know Malia." I say looking around the room too see everyone already agreeing too Malia's request. "I may pass, I have some things I have too take care of."

"Oh come on Lydia, take a night off." Isaac rests on the back of my chair. 

"He's right Lydia, we all need a bit of a break.. especially you." Sarah who was comfortable on Scott's lap, reached over too hold my hand. "You've been through hell for me, I say we take a night too thank Lydia because if it wasn't for her.. I wouldn't be here."

"And what would I do without my princess!" Scott swooped Sarah up bridal style, spinning her around. I roll my eyes and laugh slightly, 

"If you guys want some alone time, We'll wear our headphones." I joke, Malia and Isaac laugh whilst Sarah shoots me a death look. "Calm down, I was just kidding." I pull out my phone too message Hayden and Liam, if we are having a movie night might as well have all the pack right. 

Hay_Chimera: Yes, me and Liam will be over in a few... want me bring any food? x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Pringles and maybe some popcorn. x

Hay_Chimera: Your order is taken, soon to be delivered x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: See you in a few Hayden x

I collect my bag and follow the crowd down into Scott's living room, Scott turned on the TV and plugged his laptop into it so we could watch a collection of different movies.

"So maybe a comedy, too raise our spirits." Malia said pulling a cotton blanket closer too her as she plunged herself into the corner of the sofa. I sat beside her, putting my bag onto the floor where Sarah was laying, I pull out my phone. 

"You guys choose a movie, I'll order the pizza's." Is it bad how I have the number on speed dial. 


"I'm going too get into my PJ'S." I say putting down my slice of pizza on a plate. Me, Scott, Sarah and Isaac were all planning on staying over at Scott's anyway and we were still going too. I step into Scott's room to get dressed, taking off my jeans my eye catches something in the mirror... I almost forgot about the Aberidus Mark. It made me shiver thinking about how void is probably hunting me down right now as were all relaxing and unprepared. I shook the thought from my mind and replaced my black long sleeved top with a baggy one. I shove on my slippers and head back down the stairs again, mid way down my phones bleeps.

SourWolf: Wanna come for a training session tomorrow? We haven't had one in a while.

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Sure, what time? :)

SourWolf: I'm thinking around two.. :)

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Great, see you then.. 

"Come on Lyds.. Your missing the movie!" Scott shouts too me, I was currently smiling like an idiot at my phone. 

"Coming." I shout back jumping over the banister, I run and dive happily onto the sofa. 

"You seem a lot happier?" Malia said with raised eyebrows, "What happened up in Scott's room?"

"Nothing happened up in Scott's room.. I'm just talking too someone."

"Is it-" Sarah starts but before she blabs her mouth I cut her off, 

"Yes.. now please shut up and get back into the movie." 

"No no no." Scott said sassily pausing the movie, "Spill it honey." 

"Sarah, appreciate what you've done." I say crossing my arms with a sigh. Sarah rolled her eyes and grabbed Scott's neck too pull his lips too her, a distraction. She slightly moaned into his mouth which only made him deepen the kiss, "Ok guys! Take it upstairs if you wish!" Sarah pulled away and stared at me in the eyes, 

"Lydia.. We either go upstairs and he continues his teasing after until you spill it or we just do this and he forgets all about it." Scott was now at her neck, I slapped my hand over my eyes. 

"Ok whatever! Just play the damn movie!" Everyone laughs including Hayden and Liam who were cuddling on the sofa opposite, his arms tightly around her waist. It kind of made me feel lonely. 



The next day was Monday and that meant school, Lydia had offered us all a life there which we gladly accepted. 

"So... what's the plan if any of us encounter void today?" Sarah said leaning forward from the back seat, 

"Oh gosh I don't know." Lydia said her grip on the wheel tightening due to nerves, "I can't believe we're treating it so casually." 

"I doubt he'll show up at school though, Imagine how many people would try and talk to him and not just classmates, teachers also." Scott said with a sigh. "It's still Stiles you know.. somewhere." Lydia started driving faster obviously too keep the conversation low.

Once we finally arrived, Lydia managed too find a parking spot at the front. We all departed from the car, Scott and Sarah hand in hand. We began walking through the doors before I accidentally collided with another body, causing the person too drop her things all over the floor. I immediately freeze up causing time too stop and everyone around me come too a sudden halt, Oh gosh these powers are helpful sometimes. I collect all her things and click my fingers for time too start again, she jumps back unaware of where her things that lay on the ground where. 

"Here." I say softly placing them into her hands, 

"Thanks." She said with confusion in her tone, "I don't believe I've seen you here before?" 

"I'm new I started last week." I say with a smile, "I'm Isaac." I hold out my hand for her too shake. 

"Chelsea." She says taking it also with a smile upon her face, "So umm.. I have some boxes I need too carry from my car, do you mind helping me?" 

"Sure." I say following her out of the door, I look back too see Scott giving me the thumbs up. 

"So Isaac, Are you new too Beacon Hills?" She says, the sound of her heels clicking on the pavement was satisfying. 

"I came here a while before starting school, I'm not very good at the casual conversation." 

"Well from my view." She said unlocking her car, "Your doing pretty good." I smile and collect three boxes holding them on top of one another, She takes the remaining two.

"So what are in these?" I say shaking them. 

"Cheerleader uniforms." 

"Are you a cheerleader?" I look over at her and she frowns.

"No, No I'm not.. I just design and make their clothing. I'm very good in textiles and my comfort in a sewing machine." 

"That's pretty darn cool." 

"Thanks... So erm, do you like wanna hang out sometime?"

"Sure, how about I give you my number?" 

"Ok." She says tucking her hair behind her ear, "But let's get the boxes inside first, I'd hate for you too drop them.. the girls would kill me if a single diamond fell off or their skirts got covered in dirt, you should see them perform and practice it's insane they never seem too make a single mistake."  

"Your really passionate about this aren't you."




I lean against my locker, thinking. I didn't even hear the school bell ring I was so deep into my thoughts, ahh the effects of a banshee. I decided too take study hall first period, So I made my way too the library, Sarah insisted she come with me but I convinced her I could go alone. Isaac was right Void wouldn't just show up but it would be nice too see him, it's awfully eerie not knowing where he is, what he's doing or what he's planning. 

It's also very uncomfortable knowing he knows where I am. 

This damn mark. 

I took multiple books from the shelves, History, Biology, Algebra. Anything that would distract my mind, you'd think I'd be able too control my memories but no I just receive them. I took a seat at an empty table and opened the first book, I couldn't get my head around simple algebra problems we learn when we were... fetuses. I decided too close my eyes for a while, I wanted too enter a dream, a clean kind dream without the supernatural shit.

But knew I would only be given a nightmare, the same nightmare of my grandma's suicide.

"Miss Martin?" The sound of a teachers voice made me open my eyes, I snapped the book closed and rested my arms on it, I looked up at the women who stared at me pushing her pointed glasses up the brim of her nose.

"Sorry Miss, Is there a problem?" 

"Lydia.." A voice whispered, though it was loud enough too identify whoever it was, was in this room. 

"There's no problem Lydia, I just wanted too write your name down for Study Hall Period One Registration." 

"Lydia.." My skin get's coated with goosebumps as I jerk too look where the noise was coming from.

"Are you ok there Miss Martin, your looking a little pale." I turn back too her and tuck my hair behind my ear. 

"No.. no.. I was just wondering do you have any sort of books on the supernatural?" 

"Are you into that kind of stuff Lydia?" 

"You know I always like too read a good book on made up creatures... it's weird." 

"Well I don't think we have that kind of thing but we do have books about witchcraft, telekinesis.. there just up on that section of the balcony if your interested." With a wink and a smile she turned around and headed back over too her desk. Wow that women must of thought I was crazy... which I'm starting too feel myself. God damn that voice will not go away. 

"Lydia..." There it goes again! Ok now I'm getting angry. I stand up and place the books back on their original shelves picking up my bag, I mean there isn't a place I could go, I wasn't in the mood to go to first period though I didn't really want to stay here either but it looks like the only option. I look up to the section of the balcony she had pointed out before and tap a pencil on my chin... should I go up there? I mean I wasn't a big believer in witchcraft or telekinesis but I guess there's a possibility considering Isaac is a warlock. "Lydia.." This time the voice was hissing, I could hear the venom, they were getting angry. I don't understand. If I don't know who it is or where they are, why are they getting so angry?      





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