Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


21. Chapter 21; The Distraction Date


"So Miss I Can Do Anything By Myself, What did you get up too whilst you were suppose too be looking for Max?" Malia questioned as I was doodling nonsense in my notebook. 

"Why Miss All Up In Your Business, Does it concern you?" I receive a kik message and pick up my phone too see it's from Derek. 


strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Ok and whats with the caps lock ;) 

SourWolf: Erg technology, I seriously don't understand it.  

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: So.. where are we going tonight? xo

SourWolf: xo? And it's surprise. 

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Doesn't matter and okkkkkk :)

"What are you smiling at?" Malia said trying too take a look at my phone, I hadn't noticed I was smiling. 

"Why do you always try too know everything.. when clearly you know nothing." I snapped back. 

"Why do you always try too start an argument huh?" She slammed her hands down on the table in front of me and growled. "Though I do prefer arguing with you than watching you drool over my boyfriend." 

"I couldn't be the slightest bit interested in Stiles for your information and drooling, seriously that's for the stray mutts like yourself." I turn my phone off and load up my laptop, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some serious studying too do." 

"Are you a complete idiot, your best friend and my boyfriend have been kidnapped and your focusing on your school GPA!" 

"I'm focusing on how too use some serious weapons too help get both Sarah and Stiles back. Now, are you going too stand their and watch me or are you going to make yourself useful and think of an idea too save them on your own."


I decided too head home from Scott's early too prepare myself for whatever Derek had planned, I wiped the access of my make up off and put on a new face. I then slipped off my leggings and blouse and got into a some knee high socks with a skirt and a floral top. I was halfway through fastening my laces when there was a quiet knock on my bedroom door, 

"Honey." My mothers face appeared, "Can I talk too you for a moment." I nodded but didn't say a word as I went back down too tying my laces. "We need too talk about your father." I looked up instantly. 

"What? Is he ok.. did something happen-"

"He's fine." She says clasping her hands together, she took a seat on the edge of my bed. "But he wants too see you, He wants you too spend a week with him back in Mexico." 

"I can't.. not now, It's really not a good time." 

"It's the only time sweetheart, Your father's work is getting too much for him and he needs the comfort of his daughter."

"You don't understand!" I say standing up and grabbing my bag, "I have too stay here, my friends need me right now!" 

"As much as I want you as far away from your father as possible, I already told him you would be in a taxi by Monday." 

"Mum, That's tomorrow!" 

"Well then go out and when you come back, pack your things, call or text your friends..." 

"Mum! You know what I am, I haven't talked too you about it in so long. Two of my closest friends have been taken by some sick minded werewolf killers and-" 

"This is exactly why your going too Mexico!" She cut me off, "This supernatural rubbish is not worth your time, your life is not meant too be wasted on this nonsense!" 

"Well that nonsense is my life mum! It's not really my fault, Nor was is grandma's.. I just have a lot of things I need to deal with!" 

"Darling..It's only a week in Mexico... consider it a break."

"Such a vacation.." I say sarcastically, picking up my phone and storming out. I would wait for Derek outside, where the wind was cool and the silence was comforting. I looked up into the clear blue sky coated with perfectly shaped clouds, I admired two birds spinning with each other, fighting or dancing? I couldn't tell but I didn't care, they were delicate and moved elegantly. I checked the time on my leather wristwatch, 6:56... Derek wouldn't be too long. 


scotty_wolf: Lydia, Call me when you can x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Can't right now, I'm out with Derek, Need too tell you something.. it's not good. I may have too head back to Mexico for a week, My father decided he wanted too see me after all x

scotty_wolf: We found Max! Though he didn't have the nogitsune x 

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: I'm guessing he already handed it over too whoever he decided needed it. Anyways, I gotta go. Derek's back, I'll keep in touch whilst in Mexico :) I'll miss you, Liam and Hayden. Please tell me if you find Stiles or Sarah or both.. hopefully both x 

scotty_wolf: We might not be able too find them without you.. but see you in a week I guess x



"I feel like we have been out here forever." I say leaning my head on Derek's chest as we star up into the sky that was now dark black with sparkling silver stars creating the perfect masterpiece for us too lay our eyes upon. 

"It's nice though.." Derek said quietly. 

"Very." I say pressing my lips together, "You know I'll miss our training sessions whilst I'm in Mexico." 

"It's only a week, It will pass quickly." 

"I hope so. I don't think I can stand seeing my father though, believe me it was terrible last time...."

"Tell me." 

"He just decided me and my mum weren't for him and left us for some posh, gold digging bimbo who literally left him without a single note in his wallet and then she left him so he came crawling back to me and my mum, begging for us too take him back which we happily refused." I sit up and stare at Derek, "I'll have too leave soon.. I have packing too do." Derek then sat up his lips meeting mine for a quick kiss. 

"I'll miss you." 

"I'll miss you too just keep working on finding Sarah and Stiles for me ok." 

"Of course. They don't just mean a lot too you, As much as I despise them both... They are lovable dorks." I laughed and leant forward kissing him once again. 

"Let's go." I say linking our hands together. 



On the bright side, I had no school tomorrow, On the down side, I was in a taxi back too Mexico. 

I had packed a whole suitcase of things, including Sarah's blade. The Shanghai Warrior Dagger, I have been studying it for endless hours now but I knew it would pay off soon. 

"I would get some sleep honey, you look exhausted." My mum said bringing in a tray of biscuits and a cup of tea. I took them with a smile and placed them on my bedside cabinet. 

"I will sleep once I get over the stress of seeing dad tomorrow." My mum brushed some hair from my face, 

"Don't think I'm sending you because I don't love you, I do love you, I just think you need to get away from Beacon Hills... and maybe a bit of father and daughter bonding will make you happier." 

"Yes, we'll go fishing together, have fun meals out, make jokes, talk about old times... like when he abandoned us!" I pick up my book, the classic novel, Alice In Wonderland. It made me think whether Beacon Hills was some sort of magical wonderland full of creatures that were only seen by the luckiest of eyes. My mum rolled her eyes before kissing my forehead and leaving my room in silence. I flicked through the pages of the old book admiring the small black and white pictures which I found oddly fascinating... I couldn't focus on the words. It was all too much, my thoughts consisted of;

Saving Stiles and Sarah.

Locating Jasmine (Rosemarie's Daughter) and somehow convincing her into letting us visit her insane mother.

Somehow defeat Max and his whole pack. 

The nogitsune and whose hands it was now in. 

Isaac, The so called warlock. Was he good?or was he bad?

Me and Derek, were we just friends... or more?

Malia, How long could I take her behavior without snapping?

My grandmother, what truly happened too her?

And of course... myself... my scream.

I decided too put down the book and drink my hot cup of tea fast, so I could sleep on my thoughts. 

I was always so good at avoiding problems, just ignoring them until they go away. 

But I guess this was my life now.












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