Valentine´s day

Valentine´s day for me


1. Valentine´s day

Valentine’s day the most romantic day of the year, the day that a thousands of love films is based on, the day where millions of red roses is sold worldwide and last but not least the day where millions of guys put a smile on their girls face.

But the perfect valentine’s day doesn’t is not necessarily a day celebrated with a boy/girl friend, a perfect valentine’s day can also be a day celebrated with your family or friends.

For me as a single I celebrate Valentine’s Day by starting the day of with giving my mom a special gift along with a note telling her just how much I love her. I also make sure to tell my brothers that I love them and I wish my closest friends a “happy Valentine’s day”.

During the day I try to make as many people as possible smile, and at the end of the day my brothers prepare dinner for my mom and I.

Because for me Valentine’s Day is all about telling the people you love that you love them and just being happy.

Valentine´s day is a say for everyone and no matter if you hate or love Valentine’s Day it’s a special day.

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