If Only (short story)

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  • Published: 14 Feb 2016
  • Updated: 14 Feb 2016
  • Status: Complete
What if your favorite character from an anime, TV show, book, or movie thought about you the same way that you thought about them? This is story about that its a reader X character story. So you can imagine it to be who ever you want and put your self into the story as well. This is my first time writing one of these stories so I hope you like it....


3. See you in my dreams

I was almost gone when you lunged out to garbed my hand as it dis-appeared. "Please don't leave! Stay here with me! You can't leave me!" You called out to me and screamed through tears.


Soon my alarm went off. "It was just a dream." You said looking down at my hands. You clenched your hand still feeling the place where he/she had touched you. "You know I love you too (character's name here)" You said in whisper with a smile on your face. "We will meet each other again and I hope that it is very soon...." I said and got ready to start my day.


After that the two worlds where left to do their own things. The fictional world and the real world circled around one another in an endless chase. Both worlds waiting for the day when the two would cross paths ounce again.


You sat their in bed for awhile. "If only we  could stay like this forever...If only....."

"If only we could stay like this forever....If only...."


You both say and our story now comes to an end.....

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